LV in OZ... Brisbane/Goldcoast

  1. I'll be going on vacation to Brisbane/Goldcoast & thought tt I'll buy something from LV there.Just need some sound advise on:

    1.I tink there's an LV boutique at Elkhorn/Orchid Ave in Surfers.Is there anywhere else?
    2.PFers are talking abt the LV price hike.. i just checked and it seems the prices in Spore are still the same.How bout there in OZ?
    3.Cld I also claim the VAT at customs/airport when I depart?If yes, then how much?

    I might just get it right b4 I go for my vacation in Spore...but just incase... :hrmm:
  2. Hi there:smile: ,sorry I'm from Sydney so I cannot confirm the address for the boutique in bris.But I think LV here is way much more expensive than S'pore! Even with TRS (tourist refund scheme about 10%).For eg/Papillon 30 cost AUD$1200,Speedy AUD$875,Vernis bedford AUD$1600.I don't think prices has increase though.:biggrin: What are you looking at buying?:graucho:
  3. Just confirmed the add.:yes: In Surfers Paradise/Gold Coast is at The Forum,Orchid Ave(you're right) and in Brisbane is at Queens Plaza shop14,226 Queens st.:smile:
  4. Welcome to Brisbane – QLD It’s the best STATE! Haha Go the MaroonS!

    Hi there. I was from Good old Brisbane but move to Sydney only 1.5yrs ago. I can confirmed you that the address for LV is correct. However, having been to all four stores (Queens Street, The Forum, Sydney Castlereagh Street and The Rocks) the Stores in QLD is much smaller with less variety. Sydney Castlereagh St store is so much bigger (and of course much more exciting) Every time I go into that store, I feel like a kid in a candy store. Let me know which bag you are after and I can tell you how much AUS sell it for. and yes... AS a tourist you will get TRS ( 10% tax off) however, you will be paying for the full price at the store but when you leave for overseas, there is a TRS office in Brisbane Airport and they will refund you 10% off the bag straight into your CREDIT CARD.

  5. the prices in Australia is more expensive even after the 10% GST refund. esp due to the current exchange rate. its better to get it in singapore. unless the item you want to get is a seasonal item and sold out in singapore you might want to consider getting it in Australia.
  6. yeah Australia is really a last resort when buying LV... it is consistently more expensive than anywhere else... but us poor souls who live here have no other choice until elux ships worldwide :sad:
  7. I haven't noticed that the prices have gone up but like the others said, LV is very expensive in Aus.
    The Brisbane store is fairly new but I think it could've been bigger. Always found them to be nice though.:biggrin:
    Haven't been to the Gold Coast store.
  8. Oh u guys! Thanks so much for the info...ekekekeke...I guess I'll just get it here in Spore then...tot tt it'll be nice to shop there... just to get the experience...
    Apologies for the late reply...ekekek..bogged with werk!
    LV Slut: I was actually looking for a BH... its gg for SGD1320 here.& I juz bought a Damier Speedy 30 for I guess it is cheaper here :smile:
  9. >:biggrin:<
  10. Yeah, LV is sooo expensive here, I think you are better getting it in Asia where it's cheaper.
  11. MissL... definitely made up my mind!.....Can't wait for July to come!
  12. hi! can u tell me how much is the MC PTI in spore? in indonesia is like Rp 6.600.000, that will be like 660USD