LV In Orlando Florida?

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  1. Hey TPFer's I will be heading to Orlando Florida next February and need to know if the LV there has a large selection.
    I have bee saving like crazy for the Speedy B DE and will be hopefully picking her up while there.
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    Oh yes, there is a nice LV store at the Millenia Mall in Orlando. I have been there once and was able to score on a very limited runway pair of shoes... So, I assume their inventory is pretty good. The SAs there were also very friendly...

    This is the pair of shoes I'm referring to...
  3. Omg mirason !!!! I love it !!!! The color
    is my favorite !!!!!!! :drooling: congrats
    and it looks very cute on ya !!!!
  4. Thank you so much, Queen maria.. I too adore it!! :biggrin:
    I definitely recommend that LV store... The SAs are super cool.
  5. Is it comfortable ??? Omgosh girl ..
    I really really like it !!!!
  6. I just map quested it and the Millenia Mall is 18 minutes from the resort I am staying at. :smile:. Yippee!!! I think I will call them a month before I go and purchase the Speedy over the phone if they have one in the store at that time. I keep thinking I will get there and they will be out of stock. I don't want to settle on another bag when I have saved for so long for it. Awesome shoes by the way! :smile:
  7. At first, they were not at all comfortable... but then i didn't know about those foot petals... Now, girl, i'm rocking those babies like nobody business... If you can wear Loubs, then this is just fine... The thick heels also help a lot... You should see my calves!!:lol:
  8. Oh yes, that's a great idea.. you can call them and either pay over the phone or reserve one with CC info... However, i truly believe they will have your speedy in stock... Still it's better to be safe then sorry!! Enjoy your time in Orlando... I cannot wait for our vacation there this December...:biggrin:
    And thanks for the compliment!!;)
  9. I live in Orlando and always shop at the LV at Mall of Millenia, ask for Morgan, she is the BEST SA EVER!!!
  10. You will have fun shopping there.
  11. Never been but if they dont, Tampa's international mall has a decent one an not to far. If your feeling like a little drive, come to the naples waterside, my SA treats like pure royalty, an experience you wont forget. He messed up my heatstamp tonight and redid it on a brand new product, then messed that one up! Lol It turned out to be the machine however I walked out of there as happy as ever thinking how much I LVOE him!
  12. Awesome!!! This mall is an hour and 20 minutes away from my resort. When I land in Florida am I safe to assume that I land in Tampa or is there an airport in Orlando?
  13. Thanx! How big would you say the store is?
  14. I get excited just thinking about it. LOL.
  15. Oh how cool, she is also my gal and personal friend of mine, she is awesome!! :smile: I love her!

    They recently closed down the Saks location ... I miss it there though. :sad: