LV in NYC...sales tax??


The Newbie?
Aug 13, 2007
I'm from Boston, but I'll be taking a day trip to NYC this weekend. I'm unfamiliar with the tax in New York. Is it 8% sales tax for everything? On clothes and even food?

In Massachusetts, the tax is only 5% and not on clothing and food.

Is it worth it to go shopping in NYC or should I shop in MA instead?
Tax in NYC on clothing and shoes is:
Items less than $100 per item: 0%
Items over $100 per item: 4.375%

All non-clothing and non-shoes is 8.375%
Oh boy, more than 8%. So if it's items under $100, there won't be sales tax? I think I'm going to purchase the agenda and refills separately. The refills are under $100, so hopefully there won't be sales tax on it? Does anyone know?
If you find something you can't buy in MA, in order to save on the higher NY tax, you can always have them ship the item to MA. You would save on the NY tax but then be charged MA tax. It would depend on the overall price of the item if it is worth it. They may ship it for free.