LV in Nordstrom - added location in Seattle

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  1. So I knew there was an LV in the Chicago area Nordstrom, but as of two days ago they added one to the Seattle location Nordstrom as well! I went in today to check it out and they were slightly busy. Enjoyed the new location as well as a glass of champagne and a mini macaroon. My 16 year old liked the macaroons being offered since I made him come in there with me.

    I did purchase a new DE pochette accesoires NM (MIF too) while I was there. I liked being able to put it on my Nordstrom card so I could earn the reward points too :graucho:
  2. You do get charged the $0.05 fee for a paper bag by the way. I believe this is a Seattle thing as I've seen it at the grocery store. I don't live here so not completely sure.

    They have different return policy here. You can't return items purchased here at other LV stores outside Nordstrom but you can exchange from what I recall the SA saying. Here's what came with my receipt

  3. I live in Seattle so I can confirm the paper bag charge. It applies to anything in Seattle but if you go to the LV location in Bellevue, there's no charge. I believe that LV store is part of NM.

  4. I've been to that one and it's not part of NM