LV in New York City/London/Hong Kong.

  1. I am new to posting but have been reading for a little while :smile:

    At Christmas we are going to New York, London and Hong Kong and I plan on buying something LV in each place.

    However, I am use to buying my LV over the phone and am terrifed of setting foot in the boutique because of some of the horror stories!

    Should I be scared? What is the service like in these cities?

    Also, what is the correct etiquette in the stores? Should I just walk in and wait to be served or just start looking around?

    I will be dressed in nice clothes and carrying a epi speedy if this means anything, haha.

    Thanks! :heart:
  2. If you're going to Hong Kong, make sure you go to the Pacific Place LV in Admiralty. DO NOT step foot in the Peninsula LV (Tsim Sha Tsui) or the Lee Gardens LV (Causeway Bay); I've had horrible experiences there.

    You can walk in, talk a look around and if an SA is free he/she should greet you. That is the chance to ask for help. If nobody seems to be free, you can approach a counter and wait.

    As for dressing in nicer clothes in HK...that's not necessary. One time I went into LV with a jean skirt and a tank top and I still got excellent service (that was at the Pacific Place LV).

    Have fun when you go!

    Edit: I also went to the Landmark LV (flagship in Central) quite a bit while I was in Hong Kong. The customer service is okay, it depends who you get, but there are always tons of SAs there and the store has three floors, all three floors having counters for women's bags.
  3. In London, LV Sloane St. has the best service, realxed athmosphere, almost complete/extensive range of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, very helpful staff and not busy like other LV stores in London. Its located in the same street as Gucci, Dior, Prada, etc. The location is near Harrods (who sells LV too, if you cant get it in LV Sloane St.)

    I would not recommend (unless the item you required is only available there) to go to LV Selfridges (less staff, but all nice though) or LV New Bond St. as its very busy there especially Christmas time!

    Have a wonderful time in New York, London and Hong Kong and enjoy shopping!
  4. in london i love the new bond street store but as mvc_sassy said it is a busy store. if you want to spend more time looking around then head to sloane street.
  5. In London, I prefer the SA's in Selfridges. There is a french guy there who is so sweet. Its busy though - its a very small shop. I was in the Bond St store on Friday and it was really busy and only 12pm. Some of the SA's didnt appear that friendly and they one i ended up with was useless and knew nothing! I havent been to Sloane St yet.
  6. There is also a great store in the City of London (by the Bank of England). It doesn't sell ready to wear or shoes, but is usually quiet and the SA's are really friendly.

    Didn't like the Bond Street store when I visited (felt the SA's were a bit standoffish:tdown: Sloane street seemed OK and Selfridges is also ok but busy. Haven't tried Harrods.