LV in Neiman Marcus - SMELL!

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  1. I can't believe I haven't posted this earlier! So last weekend my Hubs and I went to Neiman Marcus. I wanted to check out their vast array of handbags! So as we go through the store we hit the Gucci, YSL, Fendi and Burberry sections. Then I see it. The LV alcove! I make a dash for it. Just kidding, in my mind though I was sprinting. :p Anyways we get in there and I'm comparing the NF to the BH. And then all of a sudden it hit my husband and me. We look at each other and wince. :sick:THe SA's are over in the corner looking for something. We ask them what that smell is and then the SA's go, "We think it's a skunk!" And then it got worse. The most horrible skunk smell! It was in the wall!!! :wtf: We left because it was getting so bad. I sure hope those purses don't absorb that nasty smell!
  2. OMG..... That is crazy!!!!! What Neiman's was it?
  3. Oh no! Even the skunk couldn't resist LV! Gosh --- I hope they got the skunk out right away before the smell affected the bags!
  4. Houston. And I don't get to go down there often so i was hoping to spend more time in there since I don't get much of the boutique experience. Oh well. We left before the smell invaded my bag though!
  5. EEK! :push: I have a very light stomach so I probably would of ran out of the store very fast.

    Hope they got rid of that skunk. That strong smell will be very hard to get off the LV bags. :yucky:
  6. Eww! :yucky:
    I hope they havent made the LV's stink :wtf:
  7. Wow, that is crazy! I have heard of mice and chipmunks and things that size getting into walls, but a skunk yikes! Sorry your trip to LV was cut short by this stinky intruder!
  8. OMG, I hope the smell doesn't permeate the bags... that would be terrible! Especially if someone buys the bag with the bad smell. I wonder if they'll send the bags back or if they will find a way to de-smell them.
  9. OK my gosh, I hope the bags are OK.
  10. don,t buy anything from that store. the remedy for removing skunk smell is drenching it in tomato juice. i learned that from the discovery channel. i hope nm does the right thing and coughs it up as a loss.
  11. Strange!!!!! I too hope the bags are ok!!! :sweatdrop:

    OT: Glad to see another Houstonian on tPF!
  12. OMG Reminder to self. Do not visit NM LV! LOL
  13. Oh my word.I hope they got someone to cut the wall open and get that sucker outta there.Wow!
  14. Lol. Good thing we never shop at that boutique right? :p
  15. OMG LOL!:roflmfao: