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  1. Hey everyone!

    I'm going to Vegas next week and have $600 gambling money which my husband says I can either gamble with or spend. Now I want to do some gambling (we play Texas-Hold'em almost all day) but I was thinking of holding $200 back and visiting a LV shop. Three questions: Where are they and which is the best one to visit for selection and friendliness? And what should I buy? $200 doesn't go far at LV. I was thinking of a strap for my one and only LV-a white multicolore Franges Speedy- but I can get that next month locally if I need to. What would you recommend? And of course I could get lucky and win some money (or at least not lose the $600) so give me your recs of LV merch. costing up to $600 please.
    oodles of thanks
  2. Personally, I would rather spend the whole six hundred bucks instead of gamble with it, but that's just me. I am not a gambling fan. For $200 or under you can get:

    Mono or Damier Pochette Cles (key and change holder; my favorite and a favorite here at tPF)
    Mono Photo Holder-2 frames
    Mono or Damier 4 or 6 key holder
    Mono Credit Card holder
    Mono Business Card holder
    Mono Cigarette Case
    Mono Porte Monnaie Rond (round coin purse)
    Mono mini ring agenda or pocket agenda
    MC mirror compact (would look great with your Speedy)

    There's probably other items you can get, but I just picked ones I remembered off the top of my head.

    For $600 and under you can get a variety of wallets, cosmetics bags, agendas, or a pochette.
  3. I agree forget the gambling and go with a new bag! Or if you REALLY have your heart set on gambling (and the free online sites just dont do the trick) then I would go with a cles cause they are so cute and functional.
  4. I would spend all of it on a new bag. Sorry, no gambling recommedned.
  5. i'd leave at least 400 for lv. gamble the rest
  6. if i were you....

    i'd spend $50~100 on gambling and rest to buy some goody at LV! :idea:

    or....make sure your hubby win some and buy you something good!! or spend his winning on gambling!! :nuts:
  7. :yes: I agree with no gambling! I would use it all towards a new LV:yes:
  8. Yea. I'm not a fan of gambling. I would save at least $500 for LV =D. Does anyone know what percentage is sales tax in Las Vegas? Is there such a thing as not having to pay that tax because Im not from that state?
  9. Are you going for the WSOP? I am :yahoo: Playing poker is a great way to finance a vuitton habbit, at least it is for me. It's paid for each and everyone of mine and all my other bags as well. If I were you I would try to triple up and then go and do some serious shopping at vuitton.
  10. Gamble $100 and save the rest for LV!
  11. I am not going for the WSOP--just not in that league yet, maybe never! And if your not in Vegas to gamble (or shop) there's just not much to do that I haven't already done. Also, since I just bought the Franges Speedy I don't know if I want another purse right this minute. I'm still totally in love with my Franges and want to carry it everywhere. If I bought a new bag then which one would I carry?
    So I think the best plan is for me to triple up at poker, and then spend it on accessories!
    Now, where is an LV in Vegas? Caesar's? Venetian? That fashion-whatis mall place?
  12. The three shops are actually not too far apart, The Wynn has the nicest Sa's & the least traffic. It's pretty easy to get help there, ask for Adam, he's a sweety. They still have Perf Speedy's & fringe bags as well.
    Fashion Show is right across the street from Wynn & I hear it's got a nnice selection, pretty busy though.
    Ceasers is probably the busiest store, but you get the whole Ceasers Forum shops experience & great restraunts as well.

    I prefer Wynn & the other shops there are pretty amazing.

    Good luck, happy hunting & enjoy your trip. Try & catch "Le Reve", it is an amazing & fun show. Highly reccomended if you want to catch a show.
  13. I would buy an inclusion GM bracelet ($350) and gamble the rest. Good luck!!
  14. I would put all that $ into buying a nice LV bag since everytime I go to Vegas, I have the intention of winning some $ (ya right!) but I always ended up losing $500+ which is equivalent to a LV bag. :yucky:
  15. There are also LV counters inside Neiman Marcus and Saks in the Fashion Show Mall. Good luck!