LV in LV

  1. We just spent the weekend in Las Vegas & I have to telll ya', anybody looking to get a new line or limited edition bag should get on the list at the Wynn LV Store. I promised myself "no new bags until Miroir" , but that didn't exactly work out:graucho: .
    The manager is a sweety & we were talking about the Steven bag, he told me that his store does not have long wait lists & if you put your name in for anything you are pretty likely going to get it. Most people buy through the Ceasers Forum LV shop so the list is nice & short at the Wynn. They also have some perforated Speedys & cles' left.
    Annnnnnnnd you ladies who already recieved your Lockits.........really lucked out, they are NOT supposed to be in the publics hands until August. I have to wait for them to ship it even though it is in the store sitting on a back shelf, all lonely & forlorn:hrmm: .
    LV in LV at the Wynn.....check it out, nice store, good selection & great SA'a.

  2. Now, are you talking about the Suhali Lockits or the Monogram ones?
  3. SUHALI !! it is being held to coincide with the mono release.
  4. Wow, so it WAS true then. My hubby kept saying, that manager guy must have had it wrong!! Wow, I sure hope that poor nice SA girl I had didn't get in trouble!!! What a luck-out though!!!!
  5. Ok so I'm a dork when it comes to Suhali... What does that mean is it the L'Épanoui GM and such that you are speaking of, the ones that lock like that ?
  6. All The LV's Are Fabulous In Las Vegas!!! I Like The Wynn.

    I Do A Lot Of My Shopping @ Caesar's, Especially LV. The Best Selection I Have Ever Seen.

    Taco ~ It's Sounds Like You Had A Great Time....Thanks For The Tip! :smile:
  7. I love Ceasar's Forum shops!!!!!!! I don't get a chance to shop there much cause I'm always at Ceasar's!!! I'm glad that you had a nice experience in the boutique :yahoo:
  8. I loved the Forum Shops until I went to Bellagio, Venetian and the Wynn! I liked how the Forum Shops had everything but it was too overcrowded with people who smoke!!! It was killing my allergies. When I went to the Bellagio etc it was nice and airy.. I could breath!! I like those places much better than the Forum Shops. Now I just have to visit Fashion Show and see what thats about.