LV in LA

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  1. Does anyone in LA know if there are any LV stores that haven't sold out of the Tivoli? I would LOVE to get this but it's sold out here, so I thought I'd buy it in LA when I go on vacation!

    Also, does anyone know if the bag can be returned in another country if there is a problem with it?
  2. call the 866 and ask them to do a search of all their LA stores

    and the bag can only be EXCHANGED in another country
  3. Thanks!
  4. Hmm..they said it's sold out across the country...but then why does it seem like tpfers are getting them?!
  5. ^ i don't think so. They get their stuff in pretty fast. I only waited 3 days. I was actually surprised when she called me for the Tivoli PM. but then again it was the only 1 and I was on the waitlist.
  6. Oh well... so much for saving that 7% tax...let's just hope I'll be lucky and one of the stores I call will have it when I get to LA..

    I'm already making a list of stores and their numbers!

    Oh...the things we do to get what we want!
  7. Good luck finding it!!
  8. If I from Asean country, can i claim tax at airport later?
  9. I have not seen them at any of the LA stores since right after they came out. I go to Century City, Rodeo Drive and Beverly Center locations all the time.
  10. i was just at the beverly center location last sunday and asked about the tivoli. my SA said people from the waiting list would have to wait until feb to get their purses
  11. ~I didn't see any at the South Coast Plaza mall-in Costa Mesa (LV store, Bloomingdale and Saks):nogood:I'm on the waitlist at Bloomie:yes: though, I'm in no hurry because I just got me-Madeleine GM:love:~
  12. Thanks everyone...At least now that I know, it will save me the time it would have took to call or visit all those places! Oh well, I guess I'll get my second love azur speedy 25!