LV in Korea?

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  1. going on a business trip with mama around May... just wondering...:wondering How're the prices in Korea compared to in the US and Canada..?

    is it worth it for me to save extra hard to go shopping for LV there or is it pointless because it's more expensive? :shrugs:

    TIA darlins...!! :flowers:
  2. i think the pricing is pretty much the same. i dont know..
    its always fun to buy lv when on vacation though
    (except the hassle of getting it back if it is big enough!)
  3. im not sure with korea prices...i just know japan is very expensive...anyone else know about it?
  4. There was a thread mentioning it some time back, I think it was really awful (like japan), but ok without tax?
  5. its expensive to buy LV in stores, but having said that dutyfree prices are bit cheaper than the US store prices... I think its got to do with the currency/exchange rate.
    I paid 520US for groom blue wallet in LV dutyfree (in January), and if i remeber correctly its 540 in us? so u save a little bit..not alot though.. hope this helps:smile:
    If you are going to Seoul, make sure you check out Lotte Dutyfree and Shilla DFS!!!:smile:
  6. A friend lives there and I asked her to check. I forget the prices exactly but they're more expensive than US.
  7. I would keep my money to spend there just for the items you cant get here, for example in Korea you can buy the beige and black inclusion bangles so who knows what other goodies you could get there.
  8. I bought my monogram 25 speedy at the Lotte Duty free shop, it was comparable to the price in the US (I think around 595) but since it was duty free there was no tax.
  9. The prices are higher in korea vs. the US but at the duty free shops you save a little since theres no tax. Plus the dollar value in Korea is not as high as it used to be so you'd be losing $$.
  10. Not sure about korea but in Japan and Indonesia they are more expensive due to luxury taxes they impose.
    Best place i believe is still France?
  11. i think generally speaking, LV in Asia is more expensive than USA, with Japan being the most expensive. It's hard to find a good deal unless you purchase from duty free stores at a good conversion rate. The food in Korea is awsome, enjoy ur trip! "flowers:
  12. Ohhh...beige and black inclusion bracelets...I think I may look for one while I'm in Korea!
  13. OT-Karman, ur going to S KR too!? :nuts: you MUST try some authentic KR food, so yummy!