LV in Italy

  1. hiya!!!
    i know that LV in paris is much cheaper, especially after tax
    but someone told me that it's even cheaper in italy.
    my close friend will be going to italy that's why i thought i'd ask.

    is LV in italy cheaper and do they have some tourist refund schem e?
    thankyou ;)
  2. Lv in Italy add 15,00 € more than price in France..I bought at Venice store (approximately 19$ )
    If Speedy in France costs (for example) 400 €, in Italy costs 415€.
    Generally we are cheaper than America, ELuxury price are sooooo high!!!
  3. oh thanks for the info!!
    do u ermm know if in italy you have any sorta tourist tax refund like they do in france?
  4. ^ yeah, they do tax refund in italy...
  5. Hi yes I think you get about 13% back. So I think LV is a little cheaper for tourist in Italy! What part of Italy are you going to? I love the LV in Venice!!
  6. I love LV in Venice too but I didn't but anything when I was there ..
  7. Yes,of course they refund taxes to tourists here in Italy:yes: ,and the prices are just a little higher than France,as told above!!;)
    Happy shopping!!:biggrin:
  8. hehe- I heard in Italy you have to ask to touch the bags. Beware! lol
  9. i won't get to go :cry: but a good friend of mine is. maybe i shuold NOT buy a bag and use the money to go for a trip instead.

    13% is pretty good then!! how's the selection of bags in italy??
    in paris is only around 5% i think...oooh...wohoo...hehehe...bag bag bag
    oh goodness!! why in the world??