LV in Indonesia ??

  1. Hi there...
    I was wondering if you can get LVs in Indonesia and where would it be ??
    I have a friend travelling to Indonesia on some tour this fall and she asked if she can get LVs there..since Indonesia is completely foreign to me.. thought I would ask the experts here !!!
  2. I have some relatives in Indonesia. I personally have never purchased LVs in Indonesia, but I was told there are a lot of fake LVs there. The only safe place to go will probably be the boutiques in Jakarta or Surabaya.
  3. I also have many relatives in Indonesian since I am originally from Indonesia. Tw1n8ngel is right. There are lot of fake LV in there. But I know when I use to lived there are LV boutique in Jakarta. So be sure when your friend is shopping in there, she or he will be shopping in the LV boutiques. :biggrin:
  4. She's probably talking about fakes (whether she knows or not), but I'd check the Lv website and tell her that you realy only want one from a boutique.
  5. I only been to the one in Jakarta, I think one in Jakarta Plaza Indonesia and in Plaza Senayan. Hi sweetea...I am orginally from Indonesia as well.
  6. wah... banyak orang indo nih... :biggrin:
  7. lol, wow...
  8. Me too.. Me too :smile:

    Btw, just as an advice, don't buy LV in Indonesia if you can, as the price is somewhat more expensive.. than let say Singapore...
  9. Apa khabar dong ? sihat semua ? :P
    nama saya Anggun ;)
  10. Baik, Baik! Nama saya May. My husband is Indonesian and I've been there once. While I was there, we visited LV at Plaza Senayan. I forgot if there is one at Plaza Indonesia as well, sorry.
  11. halo, i'm indonesian too and i've never bought LV in indonesia. i think it's more expensive in indonesia. there are 2 LV boutiques in jakarta, 1 at plaza senayan and the other at plaza indonesia. my friend said there is LV boutique at surabaya too.
  12. omg!!! I almost die.:lol: :nuts: YOu guys!!! I can't believe so many Indonesian here!!!

    Hallo halloo..apa kabar nih? I wonder how many Indonesian belong to this forum?? LOL. I know quite a few aleady. Waduuhhh he he.

    I know some of you live in Texas. Me too. I live in North Houston. Nice to meet you guys..nama saya Dewi.;)
  13. halo sweetea,
    i'm new here and senengnya banyak orang indo juga. i live in melbourne and kangeennnnnnn sekali ama indo. hehehe :P
    nice to meet u all.
  14. Omg, banyak banget orang Indo? How about that?

    I used to live in Melbourne too, during HS and Uni. I went back to Jakarta for good on 2002.

    There are 2 LV boutiques in Jakarta, 1 in Plaza Indonesia and 1 in Plaza Senayan, there is 1 in Surabaya as well. Prices are higher, better off buying in Singapore, since you can also claim back the GST over there. Or better off, buy LVs in Europe, coz the tax there is around 10-14%, which you can claim back. In the US it sucks, coz you have to swallow the tax:sick:

    I dont quite get the original question about buying LVs in Indo. Do you mean getting the real ones or fakes? There are sure plenty of fakes in Indo and I know which places you can buy those, but I won't help you in that area if that's what you mean.

    ps: I dont realize there are many Indonesians in this forum. Good to know, and halo, apa kabar to ya all :idea:
  15. Hi all,
    thanks for the info.... just what I need....I will pass on the locations to my friend... (she is doing some tour this fall and she wanted to know where to get LVs there !!).

    I am not sure what LVs fakes you are referring to ??? I thought my original question was clear, if not.... I apologize.....