LV in hot weather

  1. i will be going to china and HK this summer and i'm not sure if i should bring my tivoli with me because i'm scared that the hot weather there will accelerate the patina process (which i hate). does anyone have suggestions on what i can do? OR should i buy another smaller item, like the pochette so that i can bring it with me while i'm on the trip? OR should i actually shop there to see if there's anything i like? ughh.. decision time again!!
  2. I wouldn't bring it if you don't like patina! China is hot and humid, so I think that would speed up the patina process...maybe bring something in damier or like you said, a pochette.
  3. Yea don't bring your LV to china get something small for the trip!
  4. I agree!
  5. i was wondering.. do the bags from suhali and epi line undergo the patina process? or do they simply stay the way they are?
  6. Yeah, if you don't want to speed up the patina process I wouldnt bring it. My Mum brought hers to Thailand and it darkened much faster.
  7. Epi doesn't change. Don't know about Suhali for sure but I don't think it changes either. Both leathers are treated and dyed.
  8. Like the ladies said,summer in HK and China will be hot and humid. Buy something in HK!
  9. My SA told me that heat makes the patina age faster. Also, depending on humidity it can also mis-shape the bag. I would not take it.
  10. I think it depends on where you go. If your trip is located near south of China and HK, then forget it. There are humid, beware of those hardwears (zip pull).
  11. I wouldn't bring it because I hear that humidity causes peeling. Hey why not find another reason to buy a new LV from HK!