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  1. I was just wondering if any of you purchase your LV's in the LV in Holt Renfrew in Calgary. I'm no longer purchasing from my old boutique in Banff due to the great Damier Azur debacle. Just wondering how the service is and if items are readily available. Next time I purchase I plan on going through them but i've only ever purchased from the Banff LV store so I really would like to know how they operate. Thanks all!
  2. Hi!
    I do purchase from HR Calgary and so far they've had most things that I've wanted. Last time I heard the Azur items are still a tad "limited" because the wait list was so long but other than that they have a decent selection...but since it's smaller than the one in Banff, I don't know if the selection would be better...:s
    Service is great, just make sure you find an SA that suits YOU!
  3. What happened at Banff may I ask?
    I've purchased from Banff before (charge-send) and I didn't like it... I usually purchase in the Montreal store and the service is great. If you're looking for Damier Azur items now, you'd probably need to wait cuz there are quite a lot of people demanding it. Recently our Montreal store received some Azur accessories... I dunno if you'd be interested in that, but you can ask for a charge-send or transfer:yes:
  4. What went wrong?
  5. ummm... the SA you like messed up my info... She messed up my name and then opened up a new account. I don't understand how she did this cuz all my contact info was written pretty clearly on that sheet of paper... So I had to go through the trouble of transferring what I bought back into my original account thinking that they put my item under someone else's account. Had to call Toronto twice for this and they didn't believe me, so then finally I got this SA at my local boutique to do it for me. And also, the receipt that I got back from Banff was all crumpled... Yaya, I know I'm a whiner lol, no big deal:rolleyes:
  6. hmm..i need a second boutique to do my charge-sends, since the one I usually deal with doesn't have a big selection since they don't have any of my summer to buy lists (shawl, cozy, etoile, pomme agenda). I was thinking of doing the other Toronto boutique the stand alone, but thought about Calgary Holts for the lower tax. But I really am more after quality service...than lower tax.

    Cec, would you say the Montreal service is all around good and consistent?
  7. I actually had requested the Damier Azur Speedy 30 and was waitlisted...for a day..then they sent it to me...however, i did not love it. So I called them about 2 weeks later b/c i wanted to exchange it, they said yes if it was in sellable condition. I checked the bag over, had only tried it on to see what it looked like a few times and I felt it looked brand new so I shipped it back. I had decided on an MC Trouville but when they received it they said it had denim transfer on it (told me that I had worn it) and said it had a different odor. I feel really insulted and I think they think I tried to screw them over, not my intention at all! So I just don't want to deal with them anymore. But thanks for your opinions ladies!
  8. oh, I remember that thread NikkiLeanne...sorry to hear about that.

    may I ask where about in Canada do you live?! that you do not have an LV also..i feel like such a loner doing all these charge-sends LOL..
  9. Don't feel live in LV's around here!
  10. ooh..yeahh! I'm in Manitoba! lol. well good luck finding another boutique to deal with, if ya find a good one, let me know, and I'll do the same for you!
  11. LV Vancouver has quite a lot of Azur stuff but I also inquired about the Azur Speedy and was told it was waitlisted. They had a lot of other stuff though, including the dune Speedy Mini Lin!
  12. I'm from SK and make my purchases by charge-send from LV Holt in Calgary (and express shipping is only $10)! The service I receive from the ladies is always excellent and I love dealing with them. Azur availability doesn't seem too bad as the SA said the wait for azur speedy 25 would be two weeks with me 5th on the list, but she actually called me two days later and said they came in. All I know is that the naviglio has not yet even made it to the Calgary store though, and as with most SAs you have to push them a little to believing that certain upcoming items exist (with the knowledge given to you by tPF of course!).

    Overall satisfactory experiences with Calgary Holt, although depending on the SA.
  13. Sure will! Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the comments everyone
  15. Hmm I wonder.. S'toon or Regina? :amuse:

    I ask because I rarely see authentic LV anywhere around here!