LV in Hawaii, which store is the best??

  1. Ok so I'm finally going to Hawaii in Sept and we are going to be in Oahu. Which store is the best and do you guys recommend a particular SA I should deal with??
  2. i thought the one on waikiki is the best in terms of it being the largest, but they weren't as friendly as the ones at ala moana, masako helped me out. but i must say the small one at hilton hawaiian village is my fave, sayuri is my go to girl, next would be brenda. have fun and remember if you live in the mainland if you can wait, have it mailed instead that way you don't pay tax! spend $2000 and shipping is free ($30).
  3. Why don't you pay tax? oh and is it cheaper there in hawaii?
  4. Aloha,

    The main store in Waikiki is best. They are a global store, they have everything. I go to Hawaii once a year and have a big spend-up in Waikiki. The best SA's are Neil (jewelry) Diana (RTW) Karen. There are one or two others whose name I can't remember who are also wonderful. If you plan on spending up really big, they have a VIC salon by appointment. Kenn is the director of VIC services and is amazingly wonderful, be careful though, the salon makes you buy things you ordinarily wouldn't - it can be dangerous, but fun.

    I have also met the store director and assistant director, both of whom are wonderful.
  5. When I was in Hawaii, I went to Ala Moana and was helped by Janna. She is super sweet and very, very helpful. I have bought 2 more bags from her since and had them shipped to the mainland (mirroir lockit was 1540 vs. 1650). She knows all about TPF and has been very helpful with getting info about upcoming releases and setting up waitlists.
  6. The main store in Waikiki is awesome. 2 stories of eye candy! They usually have all the hard to get stuff. My fave SA keith left there but I think there is another really nice guy named Zinc there. I think he's a manager too!
  7. it depends what you're looking for. :smile:

    waikiki is a decent sized store with a lot of the super limited editions (i saw one of the les extraordinaires clutch) and interesting special orders. they do have ready to wear and shoes. they also have a VIP room as well. it can be very busy too. there's a dior and dfs on the same block. fendi is across the street.

    ala moana is great as well. it can be very busy, but the times i've gone (on weekends) it hasn't been too bad. this one recently got a make over and is now 2 stories. they now have fine jewelry and ready to wear. the location is great. its flanked by gucci, chanel, dior, and Neiman Marcus.

    the prices are cheaper by about 4%. tax is 4.16% (might be more now that oahu is funding a public transportation system, might want to have one of the other oahu ladies comment on this). and of course the biggest perk is that once you're in the system, you can purchase from the store over the phone (helps for limited items like the sophie).
  8. if I were to buy from the ala moana store and I live in Cali, can I just order from ala moana and have it shipped ot me or can I order from any of the hawaii stores??
  9. i believe you can order from any of the hawaii stores.
  10. Does anyone know if the Hawaii stores tend to get more bags made in France?