LV in Hanoi, Vietnam?

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  1. How do the LV prices in Vietnam (currently Hanoi, and soon Ho Chi Minh City) compare to other regions in Asia or USA?

    I wonder if I should make purchases there when I go.

    Any ideas, anyone? Has anybody here ever been to the Hanoi boutique??
  2. I don't know about the prices in Vietnam, the only info I know regarding this issue that in Paris is cheaper than my country Dubai. Also i heared from my freinds that prices in Hong Kong is very cheap.
  3. So LV is going to open another store in HCM city? Wow, that's great! I'm very interested to know prices too...
  4. i think they're the same prices in USD. from what i was told by family that went back on vacation.
  5. I heard that the LV price in Vietnam is not that cheap compare to BKK, and it's almost the same as in USA. Buying LV in Hong Kong is a bit cheaper than BKK like $30 different for the Mono Speedy.
  6. as far as i'm concerned, the only thing worth buying in VN to be cheaper than most other places, are cheap (quality) clothes and authentic food. lol. $1 USD can buy a whole day's worth of food or maybe even more.. the average household income outside of westernized hanoi is about $30-40 USD.
  7. Wow, good to know!! Thanks. I'll be stopping by HK before I go to VN, so I'll just do my shopping there :graucho: