LV in Feb Harper's Bazaar

  1. There's a few LV bag pictures in the mag. Dentelle BH, LVOE tote, and a couple other. I don't have a scanner, but maybe someone else can scan them. Look like there's embroidered flowers not just silk screened in the Dentelle BH.
  2. I saw it too!! The Dentelle BH has caramel vachetta straps (looks like Nomade). I like the BH in Mono and would love to see it in Damier.
  3. Ohh can someone please post photos as I have trying to locate that edition here but to no avail:crybaby:
  4. Here is a pic of the LOVE tote and some other LV goodies for spring:

    LOVE bag.jpg
  5. THANK YOU ...I LoVe that TOTE:love: :love:
  6. Love the color of the tote..thanks for the pic Irene
  7. Thank you, Irene! I love the dress.
  8. i absolutely L_oVe___it :love:
  9. Oh no, after seeing this picture of the tote I REALLY like it. Oh well, I have too many other things to get...HMMM
  10. Get it ...get it ..get it....:graucho: I am waitlisted for all three:nuts:
  11. You are welcome, everyone! :flowers:

    OMG! I just saw the price tag for the tote! :shocked:
  12. That magazine is LOADED with LV!!
  13. Syntagma did you see the shoes on the page too:nuts: I can't wait for the S/S items to arrive:yahoo:
  14. DAMN....I ordered a subscription but it won't be here for another couple months :cursing: Love the LVoe in the darker color though
  15. :drool: wow~i love the color!