LV in department stores...???

  1. Does anyone know, I am just curious, does the LV counter in Sasks., Blooming., Holts run seperatly from the department store, or does the store run the LV desk?? :confused1: :idea:
    Also, anyone from Canada, can you use Holt Renfrew gift cards to purchase LV???:confused1: :shame:
    Does LV sell gift cards??
  2. I believe they are leased departments. At least the ones inside Macy's are.
  3. Agree. LV counters are owned by LV but leased to certain dept. stores. Per previous threads, it seems that you can use a store's gift card and a dept. store's credit card for purchasing LVs at the store's LV counter. However, the return/exchange policy may possibly be different at a store's LV counter vs. at an actual LV retail store. I guess the only way you'll know for sure is to contact the LV counter at the dept. store directly and ask the question!
  4. Can you use Macy's cards at that LV counters within Macy's? :shrugs:
  5. yes, but you need to be present with the cards (no phone orders).
  6. ^Gotcha - good to know :p
  7. same thing w/Saks, some of the gift cards printed not valid for LV purchase, but many of us have use it in LV w/o trouble.
  8. Yes you can.
  9. wow, I had no idea that you might be able to find LV in a department store. that's very interesting...