LV in Cinci has a Cerises Sac Plat!

  1. I was in Cinci on Saturday at the Saks where LV is. They have a new Cerises Sac Plat! It's $1200 for anyone who wants it!:yahoo:
  2. Oh someone is going to snatch that up.
  3. Great find!
  4. I don't like this bag, I thought the retail was under $1000
  5. Somehow the cherries looked creepy on the sac plat and keepall. Maybe cause there were so many of them and cause they were the big cherries. But nonetheless, Takashi Murakami is a genius!
  6. I agree:yes:
  7. By the way I love your signature!:lol:
  8. Unfortunatly when LV raises prices, they also raise them on leftover discontinued pieces. :sad:
  9. My DH saw a women with this on the plane last week, he said it looked really nice IRL. I couldn't believe he said that!! I've got HIM scopeing out bags now!! :smile:
  10. allison, I live just north of Cincinnati. I've never been to the store alone. Did you feel safe downtown? Did you park in the garage there?
    I want to go and really look at everything, but I'm nervous about going alone.
  11. agreed! i love cerises in speedy, but not in sac plat or keepall.
    the sac fermoir is TDF though
  12. If I didn't have Cerises speedy, I would try and locate the Sac Plat!!! I :heart: it!!!
  13. I Love The Cerises Sac Plat.....It's Absolutely Magnificent!!!
  14. I always go with a friend but we usually park in the garage or the parking lot across the street. This past Saturday, there were prostitutes hanging around there, but Saks Security ran them off. I never feel like I'm in danger because there are so many people around.
  15. Thanks for the info. I think I read too many scary stories as a teenager. I always seem to have a cynical, distrustful point of view!!

    It was really fun to see your post mentioning Cincinnati.