LV in Cancun???

  1. I was reading on the net that there is a LV store in a mall and they have an area called Luxury avenue. Is this an authentic store?
    I seen Coach had a store in the same area and it is listed on their website.

    If its true anyone know if the prices are the same. We plan on going there in less than 2 months.
  2. Yep, there's an authentic LV store in Luxury Avenue Plaza Kukulcan.

    don't know about the prices, though!
  3. Thats so awesome, Thanks so much for replying!!
  4. TRLover... I went to that mall in August, super excited because i thought I could get a deal. But honestly, the prices weren't that great (if i remember correctly I think they were more expensive for the most part or a very lame difference) and the selection was dismal. I hope that you have a better go!
  5. my pleasure! I hope you have so much fun!
  6. Thanks for the response.
    Dang I was hoping they would be a bit cheaper. Oh well will check and see what its all about when we go.
  7. I was there too and if I recall the prices were more expensive. They did have many bags that no one else had anymore, but they were xpensive. Plus, you have to pay the duty!