LV in Australia

  1. Hi to those in Oz and interested in the Dentelle Kirsten, it's going to be AU$2080. I've decided on gold. I forgot to ask when the launch date is. I think 20 Feb?

    Heart purse is officially launched tomorrow, but it's there in the stores now.
  2. Is that the hobo-style one?
  3. Which one is the Kirsten? I think the Hobo-looking one is called Besace?
  4. Ooohh any other information on the other pieces??

    Would love to get a piece. I love my mono, and was devistated whan i couldnt get the Cherry so Dentelle is the next best thing.

    Is this going to be limited edition or part of the permanent collection?

    Ps. Sorry about my spelling i am at work and trying to type fast:rolleyes: :graucho: :graucho:
  5. This is a Limited Edition line.
    Oh, I just read in another thread that the Pochette is called the Kirsten/Kristen??
  6. No, the Hobo-looking one is the Fersen.
  7. I think the Fersen and the Kirsten are show pieces, the Speedy 30 and BH will be seasonal. So no, they won't be permanent.
  8. whats the kirsten??????
  9. I think that's what's happened. I saw the pics of the new name that Cat kindly posted in another thread. When I was talking to my SA, she told me her computer reflected the Kirsten as well.:yes:
  10. The dentelle known as pochette before the new name :smile:
  11. The new Kirsten is the Dentelle pochette. Can't wait to see pics of yours couturecreature!! The gold is probably the best looking.
  12. :yahoo: I can't wait too!! We have an event on the 8th and the 16th, I'm really hoping I get it on the 16th...:love:
  13. couturecreature,

    are you on the wait list for the kirsten?
  14. :yes: For sure, my SA said I'll defn get it. Better get your name on the list now. Which one are you looking at? Silver or gold?