LV in Australia

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  1. Are LV prices in australia reasonable priced or way more expensive than other countries... Im going with hubby andd plan to get a new bag just so it will have a senttimental value... like a souvenir or something but if there's a big price diff then Ill just get it here in my country....Philippines. thanks
  2. I believe there's a significant markup on Australian prices, not sure how much (e.g. percentage wise).. if you're from the US, the only place where it's worth it to bring home a little Vuitton in order to save money would be from Europe !
  3. That is true for all our luxury items. We have luxury tax here which varies in amount for different things. I think leather goods is 17%. On top of that, there is the GST, which you'll be able to claim back when you leave the country within a 30 day period. There is also a markup to start with on stuff. It's just about the worst place to purchase these items. US prices are good, even when imported here with duties and shipping. Europe would be the best place:smile:
  4. But the dollar is stronger in Australia, so it works out to be about the same I think... I went to an LV there in 2001 and the prices were the same as they were in the US.
  5. Yeah, the US dollar is stronger and you may be right that at this point in time, it may work out more or less the same as our dollar recently loss ground against all the major currencies. The US $ has been gaining on the Aussie gradually since your interest rates have kept going up. :shame::biggrin:
  6. I think the prices here are more expensive than the most places in the LV world:lol:
  7. I really don't know?
  8. I've heard many ppl say that Europe prices on LV are in general 30% higher than here in Aus...
    but now that our dollar is so strong against the US, it may be slightly different.. (we're 10% stronger than usual I think).
    I still would say Eu would be cheaper than Aus for LV...

    maybe check the local price against eluxury?
  9. Actually our dollar is lower now relative to the US $. Around this time last year we were nearly $0.80AU to every $1.00US. Today, it's around $0.70 to every $1.00 US.

    Our US friends, pls tell Ben Bernanke and his goonies at the US Fed Reserve to stop raising interest rates! Greenspan had done enough damage while he was at the helm. LOL! Just kidding;)
  10. i have done all the research possible, converting against the euro etc

    there was once i wanted to get particular bag, i had someone offer to get it for me in paris, so i rang the paris store, compared the american, australian and french price.

    few months back till about 2 weeks ago...the exchange rate has been bordering around au1.34 to us1 was still MORE expensive to buy LV in australia. even if you're travelling the 10% TRS still meant it was more expensive to get it here.

    it was the cheapest to buy in france (even before the french tax return). Then i found that it was next cheapest to buy in america.

    Considering the fact that the aussie dollar has just tanked to approx au1.4 to's gonna be more expensive
    hope i wans't too technical
  11. Oops, just noticed I've got my AU and US back to front, lol! You're right it's now around AU1.4 to 1US. Sorry for the mixup!

    And agree, France is cheapest, followed by the US.
  12. Ok, correction to my previous post as quoted above:shame:.. Just inter-change the US and AU symbol. Lol, if only it our dollar was higher than the US... ahh.. dreaming again.:P
  13. Ok, i guess I wont be getting my mezzo yet-- too bad.... will check out Thailand next wk ... it's around 600 someting in euros. Hmm, and I thought we have the most expensive LV stores in the world:amazed:
  14. just to let you know the perfo speedy here in Aus is $1875 which once converted to US dollars, is still approx $150 more expensive than the US... not worth buying anything from LV here if u can avoid it.
  15. Oooh that was detailed.

    And I love your doggie !! :love: