1. Sometimes I'm a little slow.

    A month or so ago (right around the time you wonderful :heart: people convinced me of the joys of LV) I checked the LV site for a local store, and didn't find any. I couldn't believe it, but I was on my way to London and figured I'd shop there.

    Today it occurred to me that it would be crazy for a major city not to have any access to LV. So I checked the LV website again, and of course this time I found the Lenox Square shop. For some reason, the states are not listed alphabetically so I didn't find GA before...that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

    Anyway, I wondered if anyone knows if there are LV boutiques in other stores here in Atlanta. Macy's? Nordstrom? I don't remember seeing them anywhere, but I could be having another oblivious moment...
  2. Don't know about ATL but I had to tell LV to add our new LV store, it wasn't on there for months and I finally wrote an email and they asked for the phone number to the store!!! 2 days later it was added. They don't even know what they have!
  3. amanda's from could try pm-ing her to see if she knows.
  4. Aha! Maybe it wasn't on there the last time I looked, then. I don't feel like quite so much of a dork now. Thanks!
  5. I believe the only other store in Atlanta that carries LV is Saks, and it's in Phipp's Plaza, the mall that's catty corner to Lenox Square. They were pulled from Neiman Marcus, and Macy's here never carried them.
  6. Ammietwist is right. There is the bigger LV boutique in Lenox Square near Neimans and Hermes and then there is the new one inside of Saks in Phipps Plaza.