LV in Athens...anyone from Greece?

  1. I am lucky enough to be travelling to Athens later this year (on Boxing Day would you believe hope its not too cold brrrrr), and even though I will be going to Dubai after than I thought I might ask......

    What are LV prices like in Greece - since the Euro is the currency, would the prices be the same as the France prices on the LV website?
  2. I'm curious too as will be in Athens next Spring
  3. I'll be there later in the month! I know for sure there are 2 in like the center of the city and one a little outside in Kifisia. I thought there was one in Glyfada near all the boutiques, but I may be mistaken. I can't wait to see what kinds of hard to get items may be mora available there. Oh, and Dubai....lucky you! That's my next dream destination.