LV in Aruba

  1. HELLO HELLO!!!! I just got back from Aruba ( you have to go if you have never been its amazing) but they just opened their 1st LV store in the Dutch Carribiean and the store was super nice and everyone there was awesome and their prices are CHEAPER.......not everything was but certain stuff was and there is no tax either....some stuff would be like 10 dollars more but there is no tax!!! If your ever in Aruba definatly check out the store everyone was SUPER nice and awesome!!!
  2. ROFL..OMG..I leave at 9 am tomorrow for Aruba..WHY did u have to tell me that!!!!HEEHEE!!I planned on a no shopping vacation..beach only...NOT ANYMORE....

    PS-whhere did ya stay?
  3. Wow, good news! Cheaper than where? USA?
  4. its cheaper in the respect that theres no tax there
  5. Wow, that's great. Seeing as LV never give discounts, this is like a bonus.
  6. cool!!
  7. wow! I want to go now!!!
  8. Hi all, I'll be in Aruba for New Years, and I was hoping to stop by LV! Anyone know what the prices are like? Are they lower/higher than in the states? Thanks! Any help is appreciated!
  9. when i was in aruba last march we didnt pay tax....some items were the same price as here and other items were cheaper and some were more expensive...i was quite confused when we were in there...the one thing i know is that we didnt pay any tax when we bought stuff!
  10. LOL how strange! But the no tax thing is good...thanks for responding!
  11. no problem!

    ps have an awesome time in was soo amazing there!!!
  12. I will be going on vacation in Aruba in 10 days...are the prices more expensive than US?
  13. I was three last month. It was swamped both times I went in but the prices seemed right. No sales tax!!
  14. Not sure about how they compare to US pricing but some things are pricier than CDN. Although they don't have tax so it worked out to be either the same or slightly cheaper.
  15. Hey, people!

    I'll be going to Aruba in the next few months, and I was curious to know if anyone's shopped at the LV boutique there. Also, how does the VAT refund work? Thanks!