LV if you come to tpf please introduce the PH in MC

  1. Called and asked but, they are not willing to do the Popincourt Haut in white MC....wouldn't that be a gorgeous spring/summer bag...ohh and the daimer PH for winter...this bag is sooo popular why won't LV offer it in different collections....ugghhhhhhhhh:cursing: :cursing: :cursing: ....
  2. Why don't you go the boutique and SO one:confused1:
  3. you can not special order the PH in damier? is that bc the PH is a newer line?
    TIA if you know.
    and, i laughed reading the title of your post! :P
  4. Eeewww... that would look so weird.

    Plus, the Popincourt just came out not too long ago. Bags have to be out for at least 2 years before LV can start accepting SO's
  5. I tried and they will not do it at this point in time all though many have many people think like me how cool....
  6. really do you think it would look weird??? for summer I want a white MC and my options are the aureilla mm (which I have in black so do not want one in white MC) or the Audra (that one is handheld)...soo I thought to myself wouldn't it be cool to get the PH in white MC...I have it in mono canvas and love it....just a sooo creative!!!! Maybe they will launch some new stuff in the spring/summer and I will love something....also thought the BH line in MC and daimer would be cool....:smile:
  7. i probably wouldn't mind a PH in damier... definitely not the MC. just not a huge fan of that line, although there are a few pieces that i like.
  8. I dunno, I'm not really feeling the shape in MC. I think it'd be gorgeous in damier tho !
  9. ohhh daimer and daimer azur...feelin it
  10. I agree with John. Some pieces strictly look good in Monogram, while some others can only look good in multicolor.
  11. love the fact that the PH is a small casual shoulder bag with a could look cute in white MC IMO...I have the mono canvas and think it is could possibly work....the aureilla is super sweet though and bigger

  12. Pug, have you looked at the Lodge PM in white? It's so pretty....I love it! :love:
  13. I AGREE! lol I dunno why, I think only really really really brilliantly flashy pieces will work with MC... I personally don't think the PH is NOT all that 'flashy' so it wouldn't fit... but don't get me wrong tho, I love the PH in mono now, I think i'm gonna buy it soon:biggrin:
  14. you know the thought of a damier and/or the azur PH makes me excited :nuts:... i wouldn't mind it at all... but not so much in MC :yucky: sorry