LV Icons Catalog in VF

  1. My November Vanity Fair magazine arrived today with George Clooney on the front and a 'Louis Vuitton presents it's Icons' magazine bundled with it! :yahoo:

    This is one time where I went through the LV ad before looking at George! It has a history of each of the icon bags and mentions a world tour that the re-interpreted bags are going on after they are displayed in Paris. Hope they come to San Francisco!
  2. ooh thanks for the info!
    i'm gonna pick up the nov vanity fair as soon as i can then!
  3. The magazine and the LV ad were wrapped in plastic together so not sure if it was just for subscribers or not. VF is known for bundling things together for subscribers.

    If so, ask around and you probably can find some guy who got it and could care less about the ad! :lol:
  4. Thanks for the info..
  5. thanks for the info...oh my...I really hope they come to SAN FRANCISCO!!!
  6. Thanks for the imfo.
  7. they should come to the south :heart:

    jk. . .

  8. ooohhh.... i wish we'd also get that special LV supplement here in Australia. i might just run to Borders now!
  9. My neighbor dropped this off for us because she knows my Mom and I love LV and we don't subscribe. LOVE the pics!