LV Icons Book

  1. I wonder how u guys ask for the LV Icons Book ?? i ask the SA in the Lv boutique for the book, he laugh at me and said LV dont have any Icons book ......:confused1: :wtf: he laugh at me (makes me look stupid for asking the book)
  2. You poor thing! What a jerk. I asked the same way and they handed me a free catalog! I ended up getting the book with my xmas presents.
  3. aww... Don't worry about him, he is just a jerk who isn't even good at his job.
  4. Ask for the Icons book -- it literally says it on the cover.....tell him that he needs to know his product lines better
  5. Is this the one that came with Vanity Fair a month or so ago?
  6. I spoke to my SA at Holt's and she said that the Icons book would be in Canada in January 2007.

    The SA you spoke to sounds like an idiot for making you feel that way.
  7. It is called the Icons Book. I couldn't find one at my local boutique so I had to call the 866 #. They found one for me in Florida.
  8. that's exactly what i asked for - an icons book. that SA needs to be trained again. doh!
  9. I called the boutique, and my SA told me they had it. So I went to pick it up! I just said, Hi do you have the Icons book available?
  10. Also, the SA was a jerk!
  11. Ask another SA as that one is being plain rude. I keep asking for the Icons book here too and they look at me like I'm crazy.:push:

  12. EXACTLY!:yucky: i hate uninformed snotty salespeople. how is it that we know more than them? ugh.
  13. you can get them off eBay.
  14. That's odd, i'm in Vancouver and I just bought it from the Hotel Vancouver boutique on Wednesday. $20 CAD.. I guess the boutiques get it first then Holts?
  15. i told him the book cover has the word "Icons" , he laughed and said they dont have any book called Icons.:sweatdrop: He even asked another SA(girl), she laughed at me too :shrugs: . I am freak i just show them a pic in my cellphone (lucky i have take a pic of the Icons book cover from tpf...thanks to tpf members) . Then they check again. AT LAST they believe me and told me they havent get the books yet. :yucky: . i really want to ask the 2 SA "WHAT SO FUNNY" ??

    PS: sorry for my poor writing