LV Icons Book(My first LV purchase)

  1. Well, I'm a newbie to LV and all, but especially after I heard that the Icons book was only 18.95, I had to get it! Since I'm not close to a store(the closest one is 2 hours away in Atlanta), I hoped that I could just call the 866 number. The lady who helped me was very nice and she told me that the distribution center was out of the Icons book, but that she could connect me with a store that had it. After that, I couldnt help myself- I got three of them! Hopefully I should be receiving them in the next few days. I'm so excited! Anyway, I've just got a question, can I call ANY LV store, and they will ship me an item? Thanks so much! I'll be sure to post pics of one of the books as soon as I get it!
  2. CONGRATS!!! I'm still trying to get one of those babies!!!
  3. congrats! because of all of the sophie talk... i dont think you can get items from any store....

    i also cant wait to see your first bag, whenever you get it! :smile:
  4. Welcome! It's a nice book, I got one too.^^
  5. I love the Icons book, i've bought one for me and one for my bf, stores here in Milano didn't sell so many books.
  6. Congratulations.
  7. Congrats! I got mine for's a great little book and has some really nice pictures!
  8. How many pages in this book? Tons of photos? Curious!!!
  9. It's a hard cover book with 80 pages, mostly of pictures.

    My sis got me one for Christmas, and she talked them into putting it in a box, with a card, and a couple of catalogues chucked in! It's a neat little book.
  10. also sells them! I shall be getting one ASAP!

  11. Congratulations! Wow, three of them! Are you going to give me one too?? :graucho: LOL j/k
  12. haha, I wish I was that well off; I was on the phone and he asked how many I wanted. At first I hesistated and remembered what my mother always told me always get more than needed! The SA on the phone was a bit surprised. I was like can I get three? He put down the phone and asked someone else before he told me I could. I think I'm going to keep one, give one to one of my best friends as an additional late Christmas gift, and the last one is for my grandma- she loves LV as well! I'm so excited for it to come!:rolleyes:
  13. Lucky best friend and grandma! I'm sure they'll love it!
  14. You're so nice:love:

    Questions for everyone, "does this book come in different language?" "is it only sold in America and Europe? how about Asia?"
  15. I read somewhere on here that someone purchased it in Paris only to find out that it was in French :sad: