LV Icon bags?

  1. I guess I cannot figure out how to properly use the search feature for this task.
    Several months ago, there was a thread that listed aprroximately 10 bags that were considered the "core" of LV's bag collection? Can anyone help me and tell me what bags they were? I think the noe, speedy and alma were on the list.
  2. I remember the bucket and the lockit being in the icons book.
  3. Keepall.
  4. The Icons Where the.
    Wardrobe, 1875.
    Steamer Bag, 1901.
    Keepall, 1930.
    Speedy, 1930.
    Noé, 1932.
    Alma, 1934.
    Soft Briefcase, 1934.
    Lockit. 1950.
    Papillon, 1966.
    Bucket, 1968.
    Amazone, 1974.
  5. Thank you!
  6. I guess I need to get shopping, I only have 5 of the bags listed.
  7. Me too! ;)
  8. Lol I only have 3 (Keepall, Speedy and Alma).