LV Hudson - since when?

  1. Does anybody know since when the Hudson is available?


    Thanks for help :biggrin:
  2. hmmm.....i think it's been at least a year or two....around the same time as the manhattan i'd say? :shame:
  3. Before Summer of 2005?
  4. Mid 2005
  5. At least a year, it had just come out when I bought my purse.

  6. its cute. I tried it on a few weeks ago. Nothing liek the Manhattan though. :biggrin:
  7. It came out in late April of 2005. The release trailed behind the Manhattan PM & GM by 3 months.
    I know because I almost bought a Manhattan bag but couldn't let myself spend that much money on a bag that would drive me crazy because it didn't have a shoulder strap. At the beginning of April I bought a wallet at LV and the SA told me that the shoulder strap version of the Manhattan would be coming out in a couple of weeks.
  8. I thought it was around the same time as the Manhattan. February of 05.
  9. No. It didn't come out with the other Manhattan bags.
    I awaited this collection from the first ad with Uma. The Manhattan bags came out at the end of January 2005, but the first batch was limited to wait list customers only. They were available to everyone in February. The Hudson (small version) wasn't released until April. I didn't get mine until October, but this style held my attention for the 6 months in between. I believe the Koala wallet came out at about the same time as the Hudson. Then the Hudson GM came out last, at the end of 2005.