LV hotstamped a fake bag. >:(

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    I hope this thread doesn't get locked for discussing fakes, but I just wanted to warn buyers of pre-LVoed hot-stamped items that LV apparently doesn't check the authenticity of items before hot-stamping them. My friend sent me this link and to me it's a fairly obvious fake with the date code being very wrong. Kinda bummed because I thought LV confirmed authenticity before hot-stamping and doing repairs. :tdown:
  2. Wow! Way to go LV lol, disappointed by this....
  3. Atrocious! How could they not know its fake?!? :tdown::shocked:
  4. A little shocked thought the SA's were trained. Miffed by this......
  5. Can't believe everything you read. Seller likely just wrote that it was hot stamped.....
  6. it could be hot stamped by others, not LV. She may claimed it likewise but if you see it closely it is a messy one and I've never seen one messy initial. All my initial done by LV are clean and precise.
  7. ^^
    Nope, I've seen some very messy ones even here on TPF! It's been the topic of several threads actually.
    There is a pic in the ad of the hot stamp on the front chape.
  8. Could the seller have hot stamped the bag themselves? I agree, can't believe everything you read. Amazes me what people do to scam others.
  9. This location is near me literally! Ugh :sad: i dislike craigslist lol
  11. Can i also say she dis say "one of the best REPLICA bags" so she didnt claim the bag authentic either :sad: very sneaky. Total dislike
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    All of my bags are hot-stamped and I'm in the hot stamped clubhouse all the time. It definitely looks like a hot-stamp from LV. She's not claiming the bag is real, but using the hot stamp to push how "great" of fake it is that even LV was fooled. :sick: I just wanted to warn people that hot-stamped items can be fake. Prior to this (based on info from TPF) I thought that LV would only hot-stamp authentic items.
  13. She did say it was a replica.. although I do think it's slightly hilarious that LV could not even tell the difference even though we could.
  14. I agree with this. If they can fake a bag they can fake s hotstamp too :biggrin:
  15. Wow. :tdown:

    I just can't believe that a boutique wouldn't check a bag and recognise a fake. That is either poor training or excellent fake hotstamping.
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