lv honfleur or chanel timeless clutch?

  1. can't decide, honfleur in black or timeless clutch in black caviar. for day and evening. what do you think?
  2. no idea what an honfleur is{?}
  3. thou i have no idea what a honfleur is, i'm going to vote ahead for the timeless clutch... i'l vote for anything chanel right now lol
  4. DEFINITELY chanel

    the honfleur doesn't look dressy enough to me.
  5. Chanel baby!!!
  6. timeless clutch!!!!

    Its timeless, adorable and cute. The Honfleur is like old LV

  7. lol. I'm with you on this one! :p
  8. timeless clutch all the way- i have it in caviar and loooove it!! :smile:
  9. hands down - the timeless clutch! There is no comparing! I love my black timeless clutch & it holds quite a bit.
  10. Don't know what the LV looks like, but I'd vote for the time clutch any day! I love the clutch soooo much that I got one even though as a mom with a toddler, I really have no clutch life. LOL.
  11. Timeless Clutch!
  12. Maybe if you post a pic of the honfleur? Because until you do, I think everyone in the Chanel subforum is just going to vote for the timeless clutch...which is what I'm doing too! LOL... ;)
  13. I prefer the timeless clutch. I feel the lines are sleeker than the boxy honfleur. Also in a more formal situation, the quilted Chanel leather will look a lot more elegant than the epi leather.
  14. I voted for the chanel timeless clutch. Even though I dont have it, but I think it looks so elegance. I owned the Honfleur, it's not that great. Everytime I used it, I always ended up losing either a lips liner, an eye liner or a lips gloss. Yup, every darn single times. It's not secure at all. Hated it. Been putting out of sight for a long time now. So, you go girl, the CC it is.
  15. The timeless clutch is the most beautifullest, perfectest, clutch I have ever laid eyes on. You would never have to buy another clutch ever.