Lv Holiday Party was a $5800.00 Blast!!

  1. :yahoo: Had the best time at our local LV holiday party. Just couldn't walk out empty handed though. The Silver Suhali Lockit is to die for. I love it! I've been wanting an MC Speedy to add to my Speedy collection for a long time, so I added that too. Just had to get a Suhali Double Coil Bracelet and a Trunks and Bags Complice Cles too! It was so much fun! Hope you enjoy the pics. Happy Holidays to all of you.
    PC130014.JPG PC160003.JPG
  2. WOW...Must have been some party. Congrats on all the gorgeous pieces!!!
  3. WOW! Amazing purchases! I especially love the Suahli!
  4. great haul!!! gorgeous!!! congrats!!!!
  5. Wow you really did have a blast and I love what you got, enjoy them in good health x
  6. WOW!! What a haul, congrats!!
  7. Wow... talk about a shopping spree! That's incredible... glad you had a good time! Enjoy the new bags/accessories! :smile:
  8. congrats LoVe the suhali...
  9. congrats! What a haul!
  10. yay congrats!!! love all your purchases!!!
  11. whoaa! beautiful things! glad you had a great time :smile:

    congrats :smile:
  12. Now thats what I call a Holiday PARTY .... :nuts:

    Wow, GORGEOUS haul!
  13. wow ....congratulations
  14. You did a GREAT JOB! haha

    Love the Lockit and Speedy so MUCH! 2 of my ALL time favorites!!! The color combination on the speedy is GREAT! makes me want to pull out my MC Keepall to admire it! haha

    and congrats on the bracelet! I have another friend now who can join me with my Germanium one!
  15. woo pretty congrats!