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  1. When was the BH first introduced? Also, is there a list of when all the bags were introduced? TIA :yes:
  2. Check this site out, great infomation there.

    Also I think the BH only came out last year but not 100% on this.

    1998: Baby blue (DISC in 2000), Orange (ltd edition, DISC), Beige

    1999: Silver (DISC), Rose Pink (baby pink, DISC in 2000), Lime Yellow (DISC 2000), Purple (DISC), Red

    2000: Yellow (DISC), Vernis Fleur Pink & Blue (DISC), Bronze

    2001: Special Edition Robert Wilson FLUO Line; neon pink/orange stripes, neon green/orange stripes, neon orange/fushcia stripes (DISC)

    2002: Special Edition Flower Lexington; Rose Pink, Black, Orange, & Beige (DISC)

    2003: Fuschia (DISC), Lavender (DISC)

    2004: Marshmallow (pale pink), Peppermint (soft green)

    The only style that comes in BLACK are the Pochette Anouchkas (technically from the Monogram GLACE line) and the Lexington Fleurs – the Houston and Bedford DO NOT come in black!

    STYLES (DISC = discontinued)

    Houston--similiar to Cabas Piano
    Colombus--similiar to Luco (larger than Houston)
    Sutton--similar to lg Deauville but with shoulder straps, DISC
    Tompkins Square--bowling bag style
    Vandam--soft briefcase
    Stanton--similar to Sac Plat but thinner, DISC
    Christie PM--mini Juliette, DISC
    Christie MM--similar to Juliette, DISC?
    Christie GM--messenger style
    Astor Place--messenger style, like a mini hatbox, DISC
    Reade GM--large tote
    Reade MM--vertical tote
    Reade PM--small handheld tote
    Thompson Street--similar to Musette Tango
    Spring Street--Kelly-style small bag
    Bleecker--jewelry box, DISC
    Lexington--pochette accessories, also came in ltd edition Lexington Fleurs (beige, pink, black, orange)
    Greene--cigarette box size, messenger
    Walker--messenger style wallet, DISC
    Mott--small shoulder pouch, handheld
    Forsyth--small trapezoidal bag
    Lafayette street--armband pouch, DISC
    Pochette fleur--similar to pochette twin, DISC
    Barrel fleur--similar to Keepall, but rounded
    Broome wallet--zip around wallet
    Eldridge wallet--large zip around wallet
    Porte Monnaie Billets wallet--long snap wallet
    Porte Tresor International wallet--long snap wallet
    Ludlow wallet--small snap wallet
    Porte Cartes Credits--small snap wallet
    Porte Monnaie Billets Viennois--med snap wallet
    Multicles--multiple key chain holder/purse
    Pochette cles--coin/key purse
    Vendredi--notebook cover
    Agenda Fonctionnel PM--Agenda/DayPlanner/Organizer
    Murray--backpack style, DISC
    Wooster--smaller "Sullivan Vertical" style, cross-body, DISC

    Biscayne Bay (PM & GM)--half moon shape w/ squared edges
    Mallory Square--pochette size/shape
  4. [FONT=Verdana,Geneva,Arial,Helvetica,Sans-Serif]LOUIS VUITTON[/FONT]​
    Spring/Summer Collection 2003

    Spring/Summer 2003
    Small Leather Goods and City bags:
    Keepall 45
    Has two outer S-lock pockets, and one S-lock zipper (with keys). Alcantra lining. Includes natural vachetta luggage tags and key clochette.
    Speedy 30
    Named 2003 "it" bag, was the most desired of its kind. Has rolled vachetta handles, one outer S-lock pocket, and a zip S-lock (actual keys) includes key clochette.
    Synonymous with celebrities such as Jessica Simpson,
    Jennifer Lopez, and Madonna.
    Has four brass feet in each corner, adjustable straps, an outer zip pocket. Inside includes a cell phone pocket and flat pocket.
    A classic shoulder bag that hangs down to the hips. Has an outer S-lock opening and an adjustable strap.
    Another classic Monogram bag, interpreted into a new Multicolor bag, complete with a front zip compartment and vachetta base. Interior includes a cell phone pocket and flat pocket.

    Pochette Accessories
    Has a removable studded strap and can also be attached to a Multicolor Keepall.

    Mini HL
    Rolled vachetta handles, includes a lock at the end of the zip.


    Porte Tresor International
    Trimmed and lined with natural vachetta, has 4 protective edges seen also on the Speedy. Has two paper compartments and four card slots.

    Large Ring Agenda
    Large, for a more professional look. Multicolor canvas flap and golden snap button. Lined and trimmed with Vachetta, loop for a pen.

    Small Ring Agenda
    This compact and trendy way to organize is perfect for anyone. Has 6 mini binder rings and a snap closure. Line and trimmed with natural vachetta.

    Porte Monnaie Plat
    A small coin purse with a compartment for papers. Lined with vachetta; has two protective edges.

    Pochette Cles
    Small paper or coins pouch lined with natural vachetta. Has a clasp for keys or to be attached to a bag.

    S-lock Bracelet
    A fairly large accessory that opens and closes by a patented Louis Vuitton S-lock. Trimmed and lined in natural vachetta.

    Theda Strength Bracelet
    An adjustable strap bracelet, with the Theda-style oversized buckle. Vachetta inner lining.

    Photo Holder
    Small accessory to hold precious moments, with a snap button opening. Available in two sizes.

    Carnet de Bal
    Tiny address book with a golden snap button. Lined with natural vachetta.

    Compact Mirror
    Small mirror hidden inside a Multicolor canvas pouch. Has small vachetta bow to add a feminine touch.

    Address Bracelet
    Small bracelet with a snap button leading to a compartment to store a note. With an adjustable buckle and vachetta bow.

    Spring/Summer 2004
    Produced in two sizes, PM (small) and GM (large). Two removable straps, an oversized buckle, and golden studs resembling ones used in LV history. Inside has one flat compartment. Available in white only.
    Theda released in black Multicolor in both sizes.

    Fall/Winter 2004
    Like the Monogram version, it is a smaller version of the Deauville. Has rolled vachetta handles, four brass feet, and a flat outer pocket. Includes phone pocket.

    Intended to have been released alongside with the Thedas but was held back until just recently. This bag features large buckles similar to the Theda, and an adjustable strap. Inside has one flat pocket.
    *Note: The multicolor Leonor is yet to be released in Black*
    Spring 2005
    Inspired from Monogram Velours, this New bag is reminiscent of a Peacock. Has vachetta handles and brass chains. An outer flat S-lock pocket and a zip opening.


    Spring/Summer 2003

    The one of the most sought after Louis Vuitton canvases on the market, has playful Cherry Blossoms sprinkled all over these bags. The line came in three color patterns: brown/pink, pink/pink, and red/cream. All bags were lined in plush honey-color alcantra, and trimmed in natural vachetta, accented by golden spiked studs. These ultra-Feminine bags and accessories were only availible for a short time and now are rare, with a resale value that can be more than double their original retail.
    Small Leather Goods and City Bags:
    An exciting new design from the team of Jacobs and Murakami, a semi-circle shape with a flap that leads to a bow, and faux padlock. Interior of
    honey-colored alcantra, and a small flat pocket. Comes complete with a clochette and keys.

    Classic Papillon cylindrical design with spiked studs and a soft bow, and padlock. Interior of honey alcantra. Comes with a Key clochette and a set of golden keys.

    Pochette Accessories
    Classic pochette jazzed up with a vachetta bow. Lined in honey alcantra. Technically considered an accessory, most often used as a handbag.


    Porte Tresor International
    Porte Monnaie Plat
    Carnet de Bal
    Pochette Cles
    Address Bracelet
    Still available:
    Still available today, in the pink/pink canvas,
    without Cherry Blossoms, and lined with vachetta on
    the back.

    III. EYE LOVE Monogram:
    Spring/Summer 2003
    This was the last of the canvases of the Murakami Trio. This time Takashi has changed the classic circular flower and transformed into multiple colored eyes. These bags came in white or black, like Multicolor. These bags were quite expensive, the smallest Eye Need You ringing up a little over $1,000 (USD) and the largest Eye Dare you just under $5,000
    (USD). Unlike any other Vuittons (except the Monogram Tweed), these bags were individually numbered. Eye Dare You. This amazingly large travel accessory or handbag has two front S-lock pockets and one large flap. Interior lined with plush alcantra.

    Eye Love You
    This is the larger version of the Retro in Cherry Blossom. And possibly the most sought after bag of this range.Vachetta bows and trims.

    Eye Need You
    This bag continues the Feminine line of EYE LOVE, with the shape of a Suhali Le' Talentueux. Vachetta bow and trims.

    Eye Miss You
    Shaped exactly like the Suhali line small bag the L'Aimable, has a vachetta bow and trims.

  5. Bag Fetish...You are awesome. Thanks so much!!! :smile:
  6. BH came out in 2005 from what I can remember
  7. Read here for more

    Louis Vuitton

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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The signature icon of the Louis Vuitton company.

    Louis Vuitton (August 4, 1821-February 27, 1892) designed and manufactured luggage in Paris during the second half of the nineteenth century. One hundred years later, Vuitton's signature leathergoods are now a status symbol around the globe and are highly regarded in the fashion world. The Louis Vuitton "Monogram Canvas" design can be considered the very first "designer label" on a product (the first in the contemporary sense), as it was created in 1896 with the intent of preventing counterfeiting.[1] Unfortunately, Louis Vuitton has become the most counterfeited brand in fashion history: just over 1% of all "Louis Vuitton"-branded items are not counterfeit. Ironically, the Monogram Canvas that is so counterfeited and famous was not created until after Louis Vuitton's death, when it was created by his son, Georges.
    Vuitton was born in Anchay, Jura, France (now part of the commune of Lavans-sur-Valouse). He moved from his hometown of Anchay in 1835 at the age of fourteen. Two years later, he arrived in Paris and apprenticed for luggage- and trunk-maker Monsieur Marechal. In 1854, he opened his own store in Paris.
    The modern Louis Vuitton company has carefully cultivated a celebrity following and has used famous models and actresses in its marketing campaigns, most notably Uma Thurman whose "sophisticated yet unpredictable image" was a supposed reflection of the Vuitton brand. Other models and actresses who have lent their name to the Louis Vuitton line include Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johansson, Chloe Sevigny, and Christina Ricci and more recently, models Gisele Bundchen, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. All have appeared in ads and commercials for the line. Hayden Christiansen has also appeared as model for the company's luggage and prêt-à-porter lines.
    Vuitton bags and purses have a considerable list of celebrity adherents who proudly display their Monogram Canvas items. Asia's songbird Regine Velasquez, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, Paris and Nicky Hilton, Nicole Richie, Angelina Jolie, Siti Nurhaliza, Ayumi Hamasaki, Anna Kournikova, Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra, Denise Richards, Katharine McPhee and Amisha Patel can all be seen with multiple Vuitton accessories.
    The Vuitton collection of bags and purses has also created a cult-like following among consumers. Owners of the bags and purses proudly display the logo and designs and refer to the products as “Louis.” The cult following by both celebrities and ordinary consumers has elevated the Louis Vuitton brand to the foremost position in accessory design alongside houses such as Gucci, Prada and Hermès
  8. can anyone help me with any information about louis vuitton's multicolore GRACIE which came out in 2004-05... a rare, limited edition bag?
    i tried googling the bag online, but there's just a handful of reviews on the bag...
    a detailed history of this bag would be great!!!
  9. Not sure about the Gracie (but it is a lovely bag). I do have another question, though. Does anyone know anything about changes made to the multicolore canvas over the years? I have 2 multicolore speedies, 1 black and 1 white. I purchased them pre-owed but I firmly believe that they are both authentic (checked all of the details and purchased them from a consignment store that offers refunds at any time for inauthenticity). The date codes are faint but it looks like one is from 2007 and the other may be from 2004 (very faint on the mushroom lining). The bag from 2004 (I think) appears to have a slightly larger print then the 2007. The colors are the same (all 33). Also there are very slight hardware differences. Namely, the 2007 bag says "made in France" under the buckle of the front-pocket s-lock. Has anyone else noticed slight changes over the years in the multicolore line? If anyone else is interested, I can post pics for further clarity.
  10. I have seen these differences in other mc speedies as well and there seems to be 2 slightly different authentic versions. You can see them on the MC speedy club thread or around the web. Any info on when the change occurred would still be appreciated!
  11. Yup, 2005 :yes:

    That's about when I got mine.