LV History - Which came first?

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  1. Hi guys! I was just wandering, did the DAMIER canvas come before the Monogram? And if so, which is really the "icon" line for LV? Thanx!:push:
  2. That's correct! Damier came before monogram.
  3. good to know that.
  4. Yup, Damier came out before Monogram..the mono was created to curb the fakes.
    Of course, the opposite is true today. Anyway, I still think for the most part, Mono is the "icon" of the line since it's so recognizeable. It almost takes a seasoned buyer/admirer to know that Damier is made by LV.
  5. something iconinc doesn't necessarily have to be the oldest or the first. the LV Monogram is one of the most recognizeable logos in the world! they only revived the Damier pattern in 1996 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Monogram Canvas :yes:
  6. Thanx!
  7. Also, didn't Louis Vuitton himself design the damier canvas? I've heard that the monogram canvas was designed after his death.
  8. Correct! The Monogram was created By Georges Vuitton
  9. ^^:yes:
  10. mono is the icon b/c its the iconic print of the lv line. not the damier, not epi, what do people think when they think lv? that mono print.
  11. yup, the damier came before the mono, and I believe it was first only in trunks. I consider the damier to be the icon line for LV.
  12. Just to throw in a little extra, the plain grey canvas came before the Damier or Mono. ;) It was used on the first LV trunks.:yes:
  13. Wow, Damier came before Monogram? I wasn't aware that. Cool! :cool: