LV helping me on "Who wants to be a millionaire"

  1. Just a funny lil tidbit - the other night I was watching and the question was "What type of cloud means 'cloud' in Latin?"

    Before the 4 choices showed up I impulsively yelled "Nimbus! Niiiiiiiiiimbuuuuuuus!!!"

    Low and behold the choices were
    A. Cumulus
    B. Cirrus
    C. Nimbus
    D. ???(I forget)

    The guy ended up phoning a friend, but his friend didn't answer in time...and he decided to stop at $25K. And to think, I could've had $50K if I were in that guys spot :rolleyes:

    Of course, the answer was nimbus............thanks LV for raising my IQ! :idea:
  2. That is hilarious! Thanks for the chuckle!
  3. LOL This is a cute story!! Its moments like those that make you wish you were on the show winning that $50,000!
  4. 50K? Imagine all the LV you could buy with that (okay maybe other stuff, too - but since LV helped you win...)!
  5. I have gotten to one million dollars on that show, answering from my living room. Of course, if I was actually on the show, they would probably ask me about stuff I have never heard of, lol.
  6. :woot:
  7. Ha! I have had LV trivia happen in real life before, its exciting! (when your right of course lol)
  8. aw cool!
  9. Great chuckle! Thank you for sharing! We studied those things in grade school and LV helped us to remember. LOL
  10. lol. What a cute story! Thanks for sharing. :lol:
  11. LV can be so educational!!! LOL!!!
  12. haha...I'm glad you guys enjoyed

    after "millionaire" I sat back thinking about the perle and anthracite nimbuses (i'm not sure I know the plural of nimbus) and how gorgeous they were....*drool!* ohhh to have a few extra grand lying around:girlsigh: