LV help

  1. My boyfriend wanted to suprise me and brought home this LV bag he had found in a secondhand shop, one of those nice ones NOT the cheap ones with old ladies clothes.
    Even though I have had a few LV's myself I have never seen this LV vernis model and colour before.
    It says Louis Vuitton, Paris, made in France inside and Louis Vuitton on the butten and the stitches looks fine. But I kind of think the puller on the zipper looks off... Am I crazy?
    Do you know if this is auth.?
    05052006163-lille.jpg 05052006164-lille.jpg 05052006165-lille.jpg 05052006167-lille.jpg 05052006168-lille.jpg 05052006169-lille.jpg
  2. oops Wrong place to post it... SORRY....
  3. Mott bag in Lemon.

    How much did he pay? I hope not over $150 cause that bag is dirty. There's no way to get it off cause of the Vernis.