LV heatstamping...disappointing.


Dec 14, 2005
This hasn't happened to me but I think that crooked stamping is totally unacceptable! :rant: I hope you got everything resolved.


Jun 17, 2006
PurseFanatic said:
Ok first off I was very excited about having my LV heatstamped. I was curious as to how they would keep track of my bag, I had used it a couple of times, I thought of it as "mine."

So I took my Speedy 40 to the boutique. They called a few days later that it was ready and I was soooooo excited. When I got home I took it out of the bag and realized that not only was it not my bag, they had given me a brand new one, (how I knew, I had accidentally gotten a penmark on one of the leather tabs, but you had to look for it to find it.) and the initials are crooked.

Now I know some of you would be thrilled to have a new one, and I guess I kinda am, but I didn't like the fact that they just switched them on me.

I am going to call tomorrow and see about getting a new bag with the initals that are not crooked, or do you guys think the crooked initals are ok? It bothers me for some reason.

Sorry for the pic, I took about 30 but I couldn't get a perfect one that close up.

Go back to the store and get a manager!

That is a crooked letter... me no likey! :rant:
Jun 28, 2006
Crooked letters would TOTALLY bug me! In fact, it would bug me to the point where I would be constantly thinking and obsessing about it until I fixed the problem! (I looked through 6 new speedies before I finally got what I wanted I had to exchange TWICE in the process for flaws such as the point of one leaf being slightly split where it comes to a point, a noticably bigger than normal bump on the outside where the pocket is sewn on the inside, piping being uneven and sticking out in one area but being pushed in another, a plain beat up looking "new" one, and scratched handles!)

I sure hope they give you a new one!!!!

=P I am glad to know am an not the only one would would obsess over things like this. =D


Apr 24, 2006
Omg I would be so upset. ANd quite frankly the heat stamp doesn't even look good bcuz its crooked.

Hopefully they get it all worked out for you. Good luck.


Jun 28, 2006
At the beach
I would take it back for sure. They are a little bit crooked. If you're not satisfied you'll just be miserable everytime you look at the bag.