LV heatstamping...disappointing.

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  1. Ok first off I was very excited about having my LV heatstamped. I was curious as to how they would keep track of my bag, I had used it a couple of times, I thought of it as "mine."

    So I took my Speedy 40 to the boutique. They called a few days later that it was ready and I was soooooo excited. When I got home I took it out of the bag and realized that not only was it not my bag, they had given me a brand new one, (how I knew, I had accidentally gotten a penmark on one of the leather tabs, but you had to look for it to find it.) and the initials are crooked.

    Now I know some of you would be thrilled to have a new one, and I guess I kinda am, but I didn't like the fact that they just switched them on me.

    I am going to call tomorrow and see about getting a new bag with the initals that are not crooked, or do you guys think the crooked initals are ok? It bothers me for some reason.

    Sorry for the pic, I took about 30 but I couldn't get a perfect one that close up.


  2. Oh no, that's horrible! They probably made a mistake on your original bag and that's why they gave you a new one. I will definitely take it back if the crooked initials bother you. If you don't mind me asking, how much did it cost?
  3. oooh i'm so sorry!! that's awful!!

    crooked initials would bother me so much. i would take it back personally. i guess it would depend on whether it bothers you or not. :\ i hope they don't give you any grief! :smile:
  4. It would bother me as well - you didn't buy an LV bag so it could be a bit lopsided, you could get that in any cheap street market! Take it back, I reckon, or it'll annoy you and you'll never be able to enjoy it.

    Sending a cyberhug - I can imagine how you must feel. :sad:

  5. Hey pursegalsf, it was $580 I think, before the price increase. I am going to call my SA tomorrow and see what I can have done. It does bother me. There is another LV boutique in town now so they have been going out of their way to keep their regular customers at Saks. The heatstamping itself is a free service.

    Thanks for your understanding guys! I will let you know what happens.
  6. I wanted to know the price for heat stamping :biggrin: It's free :nuts: Wow! I thought you had to pay for it.
  7. Oh my gosh, those crooked initials would drive me nuts!
    And I DO think it is kind of weird and not okay that they did not return "your" bag to you.
  8. Yea, to my understanding you can take in any piece of LV, I bought mine a couple of months ago, and they will heatstamp it for free, you can even choose colors. They don't advertise it but they do it for free.
  9. It would bother me too and I look it looks weird to have one letter on each handle but that's just my opinion.
  10. How old was your speedy when you took it in? Did you have a patina going on it? I would be PISSED if I had a patina and they gave me a new one! Even a slight patina. I hate the super white vachetta! Let us know how it turns out. Also the crooked would drive me nuts too!
  11. Here's a suggestion to think about - purchase a luggage tag, and have them heatstamp that instead of the bag. It would look great attached to a casual bag like a Speedy. They're pretty inexpensive, and and you wouldn't hurt the resale value of the bag. JMHO!:idea:
  12. "A "looks crooked, "L" doesn't look so bad. LV will only stamp certain bags, I brought my Batignolles H in and the SA advised against taking the risk as the leather tabs are too small. All heat stamps are free. You can bring it in whenever, there is no time limit. The stamps come in various sizes and colors. I like the colorless ones.
  13. Great idea, but would people not think your speedy is fake with a luggage tag attached?
    Isnt that something that you see with most fake bags?

  14. The fact that they are crooked is RIDICULOUS! call them and take it back...also ask about the switch...I am APPALLED!!! LV should have at least told you...yes????
  15. Eeek, they are crooked. I'm sorry :sad: Definitely call LV or go back with the bag as soon as you can. I hope it can be fixed!