LV Heat Stamp Removal

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  1. Hello,

    Does anyone know if it's possible to have a heat stamp removed. I know that it's embossed in the leather, but even if just the coloring can be removed that would be fine.
  2. yes, I've heard they can remove the coloring but not the imprint.

  3. Thanks! I wonder if they charge since they don't to have it stamped
  4. I had mine removed and they didn't charge me
  5. Curious how they do it, did they explain it to you?
  6. No, the SA just brought my clochette in one of their rooms and I just waited :smile:
    Sorry, I didn't ask how they do it, I was busy checking out some of the bags lol
  7. I was under the impression that you just had to get the hot stamped portion replaced. So if its on a strap you could pay to get the strap replaced.
  8. Can't blame you there!!
  9. What color foil was used when they removed your stamp and how long ago was it?
  10. The heatstamp was in gold color. I had it removed 2-3 months ago
  11. The imprinted initial is still intact, without the gold color though :smile:
  12. I understand...I wanted to know how long ago you got your color removed(you answered the color) thank you!
  13. I had it removed 2 or 3 months ago
  14. Thanks...I hear its one of those things that varies from SA to SA, whether or not they'll do it.
  15. They can do this, I only got this request a few times but your SA should definitely be able to get this done for you