LV Heart Question

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  1. How much does the Multicolor Heart retail for???
  2. I believe its the same as the vernis...$375USD
  3. it bothers me that it doesnt sit straight up and down, anyone else??
  4. 390.00usd
  5. Hawaii was 330. I think everywhere else was 350. I think it has to hang sideways due to zipper placement. The zipper would have to be in too much of a prominent place if it were to be right-side up.
  6. it kinda bothers me, but i still like it and want it!
  7. $350 + tax so total came out to be $378.88 and I'm in cali
    I love every bit of it! it goes so well with all of my LV bags
  8. Yep, I just love the looking for a framboise one!
  9. I believe it did reatil for that price, I doubt there are any left..
  10. I actually like how it hangs on its side. It's kind of off-kilter and casual.
  11. It's a cutie, if you can find it. I think it's nice how they hang to the side. I'm bothered that they're large, but they won't fit credit cards.
  12. I know... they are just a teeny tiny bit too small for a cc. :sad:
  13. $350
  14. I know, they should have made them just a TAD bit bigger!!
  15. Au$500