LV Heart Purse

  1. I'm so sad I didn't get this when I had the chance. I hate the idea of trying to find one on eBay. Does anyone know if something is sold out here in the US if it can be found at LV in other countries? Or is it likely that it is sold out all over?

    Does anyone know if it is limited edition or if we can expect that more will be made?
  2. it is limited edtion for the valentines 2007... it has been sold out in all boutiques a while ago.... you may have to try your luck in eBay :yes:

    some of the TPFers said LV may re-make the heart coin purses.. but it is not 100% confirmed...
  3. Let-trade has a MC heart purse right now. The vernis heart purses are all sold out. There was a rumor that they would be re-released, but who knows? :shrugs:
  4. I think if it was re-released, it would only be in Amarante and possibly black MC, not the other colors that came out a few months ago.
    But yeah, the white MC, Pomme, Perle and Framboise are all sold out. The secondary market is your only chance now, unfortunately.
  5. Sometimes LV do the dumbest things - they had in-store event with pink champagne, invited all their VIP customers and only had 2 Pomme Vernis Heart Purse - I went to the event and would have purchased one - they could have sold one to almost everyone at the event.....Dumb!!!
  6. Thanks guys, at least there is some hope.

    LVbabydoll- why do you think it will be in those colors if it is re-released?
  7. gone. darn I really wish I purchased one.
  8. The colors that were out were supposed to be LE....that's why I don't think they'll reproduce in those colors.
  9. Because Amarante is the new vernis color so that makes it a good bet. And last time they only made white MC. They typically don't make things in one MC color only.
  10. I was informed recently by my mom's SA that the heart purse IS coming out and i believe she said forsure the aramante color. Not sure of the release date but i think she said nov (???). I told my mom that she had to put me on the waiting list asap, so now im just waiting for it to be released.
  11. yeah eBay is a little risky but that is always an option
  12. wow...thanks for the update. I am going to go on the waiting list for this one..
  13. To answer your question, I called LV in both USA and the UK, and they are sold out in both countries, it was a LE for 2007. I'm beating myself knowing that I didn't buy it when I could've... there is a pomme one on ebay right now but it's way overpriced, about $799 I believe....

    I'm definitely going to be on the waitlist for the Amarante!
  14. I want one in amarante!!! That would be so HOT!