LV heart coin purse ... but what colour


Heart coin purse - which colour ??

  1. Red

  2. Pink

  3. Pearl

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I just noticed these were availiable on the LV Uk website - whioch which colour I am not sure ... what do you think ??
  2. Red for a heart!!
  3. Red = HOT ;)
  4. I love the Pomme, but then again, that's the color I'm waiting for.

    What are you going to use it with?
  5. I am not sure - but I see thta the pink and the white are the only ones availiable on LV UK ... so I was not sure how hard these are going to be to get . Therefore do I wait for a red one or do I purchase the pink ... oh I so don't know .... I don't want to miss out
  6. I like the red one!
  7. red
  8. red! OT- but what does this fit? can this be used in place of a cles?
  9. I voted for the framboise, but like the red, too. Just gorgeous!
  10. Red heart gets the vote. I rather have the framboise for a sweetie color:love:
  11. Red looks amazing!
  12. No question, red!!
  13. I figure since its the heart shape, its gotta be red - altho I ordered MC too!
  14. Definately Red. I called today and mine is in! I can only get it thursday tho, so I have to wait until then, but that's ok. My boutique got only 4 in, one of each color she says. White mc, pink vernis, white vernis and red vernis. the red one is MINE! yay lol.

    :heart: <--- the cles. lol..
  15. pomme cant beat that colour.