LV Headphone Bag - What do you think?

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  1. I saw this picture in a magazine. What do you think? I think I like the bag a lot, but without the headphone handle. It's $14K!

    Here is the description ... Once again, Marc Jacobs is mixing things up - to the heavy beat of his own drum, no less - at Louis Vuitton. For fall, he's introduced this superslick headphone clutch. It's a traditional medic's bag decked out in black vernis leather with a vibrant psychedelic strap; its coolest feature is the gold lambskin-and-alligator handle, shaped to look like a deejay's headset (getting hold of one may require a superstar deejay's paycheck). Jacobs thinks of it as a tiny 'clin d'oeil' - wink, wink - to his other love, music. Rock on!
  2. not my taste...very tacky IMO...unless I was a rockstar or something. thank you for sharing the pic!
  3. I like the bag, but not the headphones
  4. Oh my, it's not my taste :\
  5. I like it, it's kinda cool!
  6. yeah, I agree...the bag is cute but not the headphones!!
  7. It reminds me Chanel videotape!!:lol:
  8. Yeah..cute.
    But don't worry..this style was nixed recently so you won't be seeing it around and no one will be able to order it.
  9. Aww.. it's so cute. Too bad it's like, worth the price of a car and is gone !
  10. It's cool, in a kitschy kind of way, but I would NEVER pay that much for the bag, even if I had the money to throw away! If someone were to give it to me, though, I wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth (or as I once saw someone write, "I wouldn't punch a gift horse in the mouth!").
  11. Hmmm...I'd like to detach the headphone and wear it just like that! haha joke.... lol
  12. cute but not my style.
  13. I think the bag itself looks HOT but the headphone handle is just a tad over the top!:nuts:
  14. I don`t understand it.
  15. I love it but they won't release it.