LV Hawaii

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  1. Am I the only one that didn't know that LV is cheaper in Hawaii?? Why is that??

    Anyhow, I ended up getting the Batignolle horizontal and it is FABOULOUS!

    I only wished I had brought my laptop because I spent 2 days debating on what to purchase-a Gucci bag or an LV and needed some advice ;). The Batignolle on eLuxuy and on the mainland is $710 with 8.25% tax in CA and in Hawaii, it was only $665--$693.xx with tax! What a deal huh?

    Ok, on to why I couldn't decide. I already have the LV Cabas Piano. I love it but it is a little small for me since I carry a ton of stuff. When I bought the Cabas, the Batignolle just came out and thought it was too big (wrong thought) and so, i've been on the search for a bigger bag. The reason why I didn't want to purchase the Batignolle is because I might neglect the Cabas. Weird I know..I think that my bags have feelings. :P

    The reason why I was leaning towards the Gucci is because I have yet to purchase my first Gucci. I forgot the style and too lazy to check the style name but its a basic tote bag AND its the same price as the LV.

    Ahhh, although I'm already home, I'm feeling so guilty!! I don't know why. I know that I got a good deal on it but stilll, I just have that feeling.

    Someone please make me feel better and say that I made the right decision :confused1:

  2. I have the BH and love it but some day I want the Cabbas Piano, the Neverfull, and the Saleya and they are all really similar.

    Good choice. Which LV did you buy it at, Waikiki, Ala Moana, Hilton, or outter island?
  3. gotta love those hawaii prices! i think of the BH and the cabas piano as 2 different bags. i don't think it'll get neglected.
  4. im a true gucci fanatic that is dabbling in LV heheh...what gucci bag was it? maybe i can give u pros and cons?
  5. Guh, I should've bought something in Maui! Oh well, congrats anyway!
  6. i was looking at the gucci abbey tote but the SA said that once there's a stain, its there for good. that kinda left me scared so that was another reason why i went for the LV.

    do you recommend this as a potential purchase in the future?
  7. I was going to purchase it at Ala Moana but I had to sleep on it. I ended up purchasing it at Waikiki.

    Do you know why LV is cheaper in the islands? I always thought that LV was the same everywhere in the US.
  8. LV in hawaii is considered part of the asian market, since so MANY japanese tourists frequent the islands. that's the reason for the exclusives. not exactly sure why the prices are cheaper though.
  9. Hawaii isn't in the same category as the rest of the Contiental US in LV Business's eyes. Hawaii is grouped with Japan. The downfall is that you can't get LV shipped to Hawaii from eluxury.

    How did you like the Waikiki store? I was there this weekend.

  10. Also, now that you're in the system, u can always call them back and order from them at the lower price, and NO TAX instead of u paying 4% tax!!! cool huh....

    i just ordered $2000 from them, and its no shipping and no i got the BH for $665 out the door....hehe....its free shipping if its over $2000.

    i spent like $1000 before and i only paid $20 shipping, but it was worth it, cuz its cheaper than kali.

    it's really 6% off the retail price from elux....but no tax.

    hope this helps...not everyone knows that they get this offer from buying from hawaii....u dont have to go there to get this deal.....if u r in the system, u get an even better deal cuz there's no 4% tax.

    their shipment is fast too.......1-2 days only.

  11. I can't believe that they had at least 3 LV stores within a 5 mile radius. The store was great and the SA were very helpful.

    Do you live in Hawaii? Wouldn't it be funny if we were standing next to each other in the store?? :smile:
  12. Well, i was at both Ala Moana and Waikiki all weekend long so I am sure we passed one another!

  13. this is good to know!! what about payment methods and checking id?
  14. Aloha!

    I live on the Big Island of Hawaii, Kailua Kona to be exact. I didn't realize the prices were different. I purchased my Cabas Piano for $800 (well actually my DH did for my b-day about 2 years ago). On, the price is $915, unless it went up.

    Anyways, I purchased my bag at the LV in Waikoloa located at the King's Shops. A swanky touristy open mall with other stores such as Coach, Tiffany among others.
  15. i believe they do a charge-send. you give them your credit card number and address. then they'll send it over to you. as for checking id, i guess they will verify the info with the info you provided them when you purchased your items at the boutique.