LV hats and clothing

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  1. Love the LV toques/ski hats (sp?) out there like what John has...does anyone else have one? I am thinking about getting one....wonder how much do they cost? Also does anyone own LV clothing? What is it like...details please???
  2. i saw the cutest monogram cashmere hat!
  3. I soo want an LV hat like the one John 5 is sooo me.....
  4. [​IMG]


  5. Nice stuff Mattd7474!
  6. WOW! great collection Matt.
  7. Matt, the red jacket looks so warm! Gorgeous too!
  8. I have a skirt, but the only picture I could find of it looks odd. Here it is:

  9. My DH has numerous things...shirts, a leather jacket, and last year he bought two pairs of jeans. The jeans were sent to different dry cleaners, and both pairs shrunk. We got the biggest runaround the block when we tried to return them, and at $600 a pair, there was no way that we were going to just let it go. AEventually, after they were sent back to Paris, tested, etc..., we did get to do an exchange...but it kind of put my husband off the clothes.
  10. Matt I would love a ski/snowboard (in my case) jacket like yours....may I ask how much it set you back? It looks hot and I think a man or woman can pull off such a jacket. Most of my snowboarding stuff is guys or unisex. Love your jean jacket as well but, the ski jacket is WOWWY!!!

    Michelle love the skirt it is ultra cute. What is size 34 in North America? You must have a 24 inch waist!!!! Lucky I am working on it....I would be happy with a 27 inch more inch

    anne his jeans shrunk...yikkkeesss at those prices...glad that they took them back or store credit for handbags for you would be just fine....I want to hear more about the clothes and shoes before ever investing in any...

    Anyone out there with LV shoes would love to hear about the durability and quality....pros and cons....interested in the runners and mules....thanks
  11. Denim was only $640.00 and the Red Down Jacket was $2,140.00
  12. wow the red down was muchos $$$ but, worth every penny it is is the workmanship and quality? do you recommend the jacket and details or comments now that you have had it for a bit?? thanks Matt
  13. Well this red jacket was my 3rd LV one, I used to have a brown baseball s/s 2004 with LOUIS VUITTON written across the back... GORGEOUS but never wore it, plus it was a tad small I think :sad: i sold it but I am very pleased with all 3 so far. This is by far my most favorite one. I got the denim one because it was a good price I thought plus if I wear like dress pants or something I could throw it on with it (I hate denim on denim) and the red one is by far my FAVORITE, its sooo comfy and warm! def. worth the $ I know its a lot but its worth it, sooo many little details like the buttons have LV on them just everything is perfect on it! The down side is I wont get to wear it in a few months lol and the other thing is when I think about spending $2k plus on an article of clothing, I think I can get SO many clothes for that amount (maybe not all LV but nice stuff) im happy with it though, I needed a coat!
  14. It is a great looking jacket and Michigan gets cold so if you are warm and stylish at the same time you are doing well. Thanks for the feedback on the jacket it is out of my price range at the moment but, maybe next year. In the meantime may get a ski hat. I like the one John 5 has but, cannot find any...the one of the vuitton site is slightly different not has nice and looks more bulky..ohhh well...enjoy your awesome ski jacket and rock it has we like to say on tpf!!!
  15. here's a couple of mine:
    Damier Parka
    black denim jacket

    i also have the matching black denim jeans and a navy blue car jacket.