LV has so many gorgeous handbags...

  1. LV has so many gorgeous handbags :drool:how does anyone with decide on one? Each line has something fabulous and I can only budget for one so it is so challenging to even take a many choices makes me unable to choose any:okay:...heck I do not need a ban the endless choices have me at bay...I simply cannot decide now:hysteric:
  2. If I like the bag, I add it to my wishlist and depending on what I feel like I'll decide which to buy first.
  3. For me, it was harder to choose when the Murakami lines came out. Now though, I'm more selective about which bags I want to buy, I make sure it's a useable style for me and that I won't just buy it to have it sit around. I might like a lot of pretty bags but the most practical one wins out every time (unless the other is a super LE that I won't be able to get again).
  4. yes it is very hard to choose if all these gorgeous styles coming out lately :graucho: i usually make my decision on how practical it is and how much of use i can get out of it
  5. I make a list.
  6. ,'s hard for me to choose as there's no LV near me, so I really do rely on the reference page pictures and fellow members pics to decide if a bag is for me.
  7. well after i decide on my list of what i depends on availability and LE-ness of it and of course practicality. i would never buy an LE bag if it's not practical and doesn't fit into my lifestyle. the long term items usually remain at the bottom of my list until i have excess funding to get it, unless of course it's a very practical bag that i desperately need.
  8. I buy based on how useful it will be to me. I used to buy based on what others had....don't do that anymore!!
  9. I have a rotating wishlist; when the time comes to purchase a goody, it depends on what is available on eluxury or the boutique (if I'm near one).
  10. I walk into the store, and just take what I like.
    I dont normally do a wishlist.
    Just buy it if I like it. Haha.
  11. i make a list, then spend hours on elux or tpf scoping out the bags... then i kinda write down why i like this or that bag.. depends on how many i have on my list. the bag which has a lot of my "likes" gets added to my collection first and the cycle continues.....:girlsigh:
  12. I buy what I want. I wouldn't do well with a wishlist.
  13. yes, it is very hard to choose but I usually choose what I think I will use the most. I also want to get something from every line. So far I have Mono, Damier, Mini Lin and Azur. Next I want something from either Denim or MC
  14. I decide 1st by choosing the style...this helps you limit cut down on your options. Just deciding on a shoulder bag or a bag you carry in the hand will help.
    For my first bag I knew it hand to be a carry in the hand type bag. I than looked at how much stuff I had to carry everyday. Decided on the speedy. Then chose the pattern that I liked the best and I thought went with the most of my stuff...I bought a mono.
  15. :tup: Me too, I think about BEFORE I buy a new bag. I sold 20-25 LV bags on eBay after a few weeks or months because they wasn't practical (just nice!) to wear....