LV has new things on their site!!

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  1. they are finally showing a couple of the suede bags on their site..cute but possibly a bit impractical..there's a really cute damier tote too..go look:smile:
  2. the saleya PM (damier tote) is really cute......but i'm kinda iffy about it just cuz the shape is so unoriginal.....but comes in three sizes and seems like a good grab and go, gonna get beaten up bag......
  3. Yes that damier is very cute! i went to the lv store this past weekend and it fits well over the shoulder as well as held by hand! it is $800. The larger size one is too big though. I can't decide if i wanted the damier speedy 30 in May/june or this bag which is available!!!
  4. I love the Onatah GM :biggrin: I can't wait for it to show its face @ the boutique :biggrin:
  5. i think i'd prefer this to the speedy.....not sure if i'm loving the damier print on the speedy......

    it's so sad how the LV prices are so much cheaper in france tho :cry:
  6. wowowowow! They have the multicolor noe!!! OHHHHHH
  7. The Onatah collection is lovely! I especially like the Pouchette.
  8. Just how much cheaper are they? I have a fried in France...
  9. LOVE the Saleya!!!
  10. I was just in France and I didn't notice LV being significantly cheaper at all. Same with Chanel, and all the French brands. Especially when you take into consideration that the Euro is whopping the American dollar, it might end up being more expensive.
  11. I should have bought a bunch of euros when they first came out for like 80 cents :lol:
  12. well not a huge amount cheaper....seems on aberage about $ the bag in France is 570 euros which is about $690 as compared to $800.....not that huge a deal but it adds up......
  13. Hey ladies, if you're interested in the Saleya, here's the eluxury info:

    "I am pleased to inform you that the Damier Canvas Saleya PM is currently available for purchase from eLUXURY."

    Saleya PM
    Retail Price: $815.00
    Product Number: 11085820

    If only I had an extra $800, time to start saving for yet another bag :smile:
  14. Thank you Vanojr9!!!! I think this is the perfect subsitute for the cabas piano. Ahh thank you SOOO much!!

    Now speedy 25 or saleya pm. I think the tote gets my vote!
  15. It's occassionally on eluxury :amuse: