LV has me and someone else mixed up lol

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  1. So I get this letter in the mail today from LV. I open it up to see a card and think oh wow I am finally getting a special thank-you (I buy a lot) and see this lovely note. I read the note and it says thank-you for allowing me to help you with your hampsted. And this card was from Vancouver. Well I didn't buy a hampsted and I haven't been to Vancouver this year so that means somehow someone with the same name as me made a purchase from LV and it was under my address.

    If you just bought one and your initials are L.N. and your SA was Fery (Fereshteh Roshanagi) then they have you mixed up with me in Ontario lol

    I think it's kind of funny but also a little scary that they do not put customer info in right or they just take the first name that matches the customer and punch it in.
  2. I experienced this once before but in Melbourne, Australia.

    Noticed they had the wrong address printed on my receipt, so I went back there to get it sorted out (for claiming GST purpose).

    Not happy cos they should have asked before printing the receipt.
  3. Oh dear, I normally will look at the address on the receipt when I buy my stuffs... but my last name is REALLY rare, so I dont think it will happen on me. ;X
  4. LOL my last name is the viet version of smith so it doesn't surprise me it does surprise me that the store and the customer didn't notice that they are NOT in Ontario lol
  5. they definitely should double check with your name and address..... that just shows some SAs are either lazy or careless.... >.>
  6. Same here
  7. i dont even get thank you letters =(
  8. Silly to get you mixed up like that, no excuse really everything is computerised.
  9. I know what your last name's also my last name...and my initials are LN!! haha I have a common first name too!

    Are you going to contact the store?
  10. Theres about 100 plus people with my name in the system my SA once told me, thats what I get for having a bland first and last